Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Bridging a Consumerisation Gap: Making "Bring Your Own Hardware" policies work in your organisation

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As smartphones and tablets turn some-more straightforwardly accessible on a high travel – and some-more select – there is a flourishing trend for employees to wish to use their possess mobile inclination for business applications.

In a record sourroundings that is already elaborating during an rare rate, it is essential for CIOs to safeguard their hardware plan is robust, and creates clarity alongside other innovations, such as a cloud.

There are transparent advantages to implementing a bring-your-own (BYO) process in terms of worker compensation and cost efficiencies, though many IT departments are still struggling to get to grips with a support and confidence implications.

Consumerisation of business technologies is function either CIOs like it or not, so it is essential to be prepared.

The latest IT Leaders Forum will residence this rarely accepted emanate in detail, covering pivotal areas such as:

* Is your business prepared for a BYO policy, and do we have a choice? How to quantify a government costs, consider a advantages and risks, and deliver some-more grave arrangements in place of “consensus usage”.

* Help your staff to make it work: overcoming a appropriateness cause to safeguard that inclination are fit for their business purpose, not consumer inclination shoehorned into an craving environment.

* Prepare your IT infrastructure for a multi-device mobility strategy: to what border can your existent IT supplies be replicated in a mobile environment, and what some-more do we need to do to make this possible? Could desktop virtualisation yield a shortcut?

* Integrating new hardware products with your wider creation programme and factoring a mobile workforce into your cloud emigration strategy.

* Does increasing mobility have to meant compromised security? How can we safeguard your information is protected on employee-owned inclination by encryption, information vanishing and educating non-IT staff on confidence best practice.

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