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Brexit PR: Why is Google rehashing three-year aged UK tech investment ‘news’?

Google, and several outlets of a record and wider news press, has currently been carrying “news” that Google is formulation to open a new domicile in London, formulating 3,000 new jobs by 2020.

This “news” isn’t indeed news during all, since Google already suggested a whole plan behind in 2013, nonetheless behind afterwards it was going to cost £650m nonetheless emanate (quite weirdly) 35,000 jobs. As a result, Computing, The Inquirer and V3 saw no value to a readership in covering it.

Sundar Pichai spoke to comparison members of a mainstream press, including a BBC, in an talk heavily couched in a feeling that a post-Brexit Britain is still kicking, notwithstanding widespread doom-mongering from a “Remain” crowd.

While one strand of a proclamation was a new pattern for a building compared to a scrapped 2013 version, no imagery whatsoever was shown to accompany this “news”.

I was pitched a bombardment of “reaction” quotes myself today, by PRs representing a series of tech vendors, all presumption I’d cover these events as a matter of course.

“Huge news I’m certain you’ll agree” wrote one PR, with all a certainty of a dead-cert pitch, before immediately unwell to locate my deposit when we pronounced we weren’t covering it.

“It’s still news since of Brexit,” they insisted, before job Pichai’s difference a “restatement of joining to invest” in a UK.

When vocalization to a BBC, Pichai did during slightest partly acknowledge a investment had been put in place most progressing than a Brexit opinion (though, admittedly, after it had turn Tory policy), by observant a investment was done “taking into consideration” an arriving referendum.

But in all truth, even if Google wanted to lift a ruin out of a UK during this point, and not bother, would it unequivocally be means to? Having begun work on a 2.4 hactare site, could it only desert a whole lot to accumulate dust? Surely a wheels are now good in suit for a 2018 bureau move, and a 2020 opening.

The BBC talk went on to discuss, with Pichai, a new, post-Trump discuss about “fake news” and how slicing such distribution by a possess channels is “very important” to Google.

Repackaging pre-Brexit sign-offs on new UK comforts as certain post-Brexit success stories does not, in my opinion, carillon brilliantly with a association meddlesome in vocalization a comprehensive truth.

Further, a swindling idealist could start seeking whose thought it was to move adult such a specific square of three-year-old news in interviews with vast media outlets?

As a supervision continues to stutter during a formerly assured impetus towards Article 50, one could presupposition it could do with all a positive, large business-backed PR it can find in sequence to have a way.

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