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BMW’s i3 battery now being used for Torqeedo’s electric vessel motors

BMW’s i3 high-capacity batteries, that it uses in a i3 compress electric vehicle, has applications over BMW’s possess – box in point, a automobile builder is now provision German vessel thrust complement association Torqeedo with i3 batteries for a Deep Blue nautical electric expostulate systems.

The Torqeedo systems yield motorboats with hybrid and electric thrust trimming from 1 to 160 HP in capacity, and BMW says a adoption of a tech by a association is a covenant to a ability to furnish high voltage batteries for a operation of applications in ride efficiency. The stream chronicle of a i3 battery has 44kWh capacity, providing 50 some-more assign with a same distance and weight of a prior generation.

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BMW designed i3 batteries to have ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, with in-house connectors, cables, sensors and heat control systems in further to a 12 cells found in any of a battery’s 8 modules. The automaker dictated from a opening to make a batteries serviceable in a operation of opposite applications, including, for example, as appetite storage in blurb energy generation, where they can be useful even after they’ve upheld their serviceable life in terms of powering vehicles.

A new investigate found that a electric vessel marketplace would be value $20 billion by 2027, so this is a marketplace with outrageous expansion intensity for BMW, and Torqeedo is a partner that can assistance adjust their tech to a far-reaching operation of nautical applications.

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