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Blue Microphones Satellite review: Worthwhile wireless headphones with a few quirks

A few years ago, Blue Microphones pennyless divided from a lineup of high-quality microphones and introduced a initial high-end span of headphones.

With a built-in amplifier, a Mo-Fi headphones supposing improved peculiarity audio though requiring an outmost amp.

Fast brazen 3 years and Blue is behind during it with a span of totally wireless headphones with a built-in amp, and active sound cancellation.

At $399, Blue’s Satellite headphones are a high-end product for those seeking an unmatched wireless experience. And with Satellite, Blue delivers on many of that – nonetheless there are a few quirks that can be utterly annoying.

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet


Audio drivers: Custom 44mm energetic drivers
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 with Enhanced Data Rate aptX
Bluetooth range: Up to 10 meters
Supported profiles: A2DP + AVRCP + HSP + HFP
Active sound cancellation: Dedicated ANC drivers and 4 microphones.
Battery specification: 1,100mAh
Battery life: adult to 24 hours with Bluetooth usually or 8 hours with Bluetooth, ANC, and amp

I intentionally wanting a nerdier audio specifications for a Satellite headphones. we think a infancy of users (like me) won’t have a idea what impact a sum harmonic exaggeration of reduction than 0.5-percent has on a headphone’s performance. However, if we are an audiophile clamoring for a nitty dirty details, we can find them on Blue’s website.

Fit and finish

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

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The Satellite headphones are bigger than many wireless headphones. When we take into comment all Blue had to fit into a section itself, it’s rather startling how tiny a altogether device is. Tucked inside Satellite are an amp, ANC, audio drivers, Bluetooth components and a battery.

The right ear crater is home to volume up, down, and a pause/play symbol that can be pulpy mixed times to skip between tracks. On a bottom of a ear crater is a 3.5mm jack for a connected connection.

The left ear crater is where you’ll find a microUSB charging port, a energy button, and buttons to control a AMP, ANC, and Bluetooth.

Behind a Blue trademark on a left crater is a light that lights adult and blinks to promulgate when a underline is being incited on or off.

The ear cups stagger so that a headphones can lay prosaic in a enclosed carrying case. Blue states a wipe is designed to be parsimonious when we start regulating a headphones. Over time, according to a company, a volume of tragedy on a wipe will disencumber adult and spin some-more comfortable.

My knowledge with wearing a Satellite headphones matched adult to that, with a initial few days of use being distant too parsimonious and rather worried to wear. After a few days of putting them on and holding them off, a volume of vigour placed on my conduct has lowered as a tragedy of a wipe was loosened.

Overall build peculiarity feels estimable of a $399 cost tag. There’s zero cheap-feeling about a headphones.

In a box

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Inside a box, you’ll find a protecting carrying case, with a smaller carrying bag. Tucked inside a carrying bag is a microUSB charging wire and a 3 meter, 3.5mm audio wire for listening when Bluetooth isn’t an choice (when a battery dies, for example).

The box itself is large and will take some formulation around when traveling, though it’s stout adequate to assure your headphones are stable from random bumps when not in use.

A quirky experience

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

The Satellite’s spec piece claims a battery life of 24 hours with ANC, and a amp incited off, or 8 hours with both of those facilities incited on.

My knowledge is that 8 hours is somewhat aloft than my genuine universe use. we never tested a 24-hour claim, as we don’t see a prove in profitable for headphones with ANC and an amp and not regulating them.

Pressing a “AMP” or “ANC” symbol on a left ear crater will spin a sold underline on or off. However, doing so lacks any audio warning or tinge when we are wearing a headphones.

Often we had to press a symbol some-more than once to try and figure out if we was branch a amp on or off. The same knowledge is benefaction when regulating ANC.

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

I wasn’t certain what kind of impact possibly underline would have on a sound quality, generally when one is enabled and a other is disabled, so it was formidable during times to establish what was on and what was not.

Ultimately what we would finish adult doing is mislay a headphones, press a symbol and wait for a light behind a Blue trademark to possibly blink fives times indicating we had infirm a underline or light adult for 5 seconds to prove a underline is now enabled.

Nearly any span of wireless headphones I’ve used over a past year or so has had a form of an warning – be it a tinge or a voice – to prove a standing of several features. The skip of this same form of underline seems like an apparent skip on Blue’s part.

Another disappointment prove is a deficiency of any audio warning that a battery is removing low. Instead, when a battery dies a headphones only spin off. No warning, no indication, a song only stops, and we are left wondering what a heck only happened.

Instead of an audio alert, a energy symbol will start blinking when there are roughly 10 mins of battery extract left. Unless we sight your colleagues or family members to let we know when a light is flashing, a chances of meaningful when a battery is about to die are sincerely low.

To be fair, it’s not like Blue wholly skipped audio alerts for features; any time we spin on Satellite, an audio warning is played to prove if a headphones have connected to a Bluetooth device. But they stopped there.

Headphones for audiophiles who wish to cut a cord

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Blue’s Satellite headphones are a best wireless headphones I’ve ever used. The sound is transparent and crisp, creation it easy to collect adult credentials records and vocals we wouldn’t routinely hear.

I did grow undone during times with a user knowledge apportionment of a product. On dual occasions a song only stopped due to a passed battery with no warning. And carrying to mislay a headphones to safeguard a facilities we wish to use are incited on was another annoyance.

The skip of audio alerts isn’t a understanding breaker for a Satellite headphones, it’s only unfortunate. At scarcely $400, there should be small to error with these headphones.

That said, if you’re someone who wants stellar sound peculiarity though a wires, we need to check out Blue’s Satellite headphones.

They are accessible starting May 9 for $399 directly from Blue, on Amazon, Newegg, Fry’s, Dell, Best Buy, and Microcenter stores.

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