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Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse

The Taiwan-based tech builder Biostar Microtech International is best famous for a motherboards. (We’ve reviewed a handful of them in new years, among them the Biostar AM1MHPHi-Fi A88W 3DGaming Z97X.) Within a final year, however, a association has motionless to forge into a swarming margin of peripherals, among them gaming mice, to element a Racing line of motherboards. And it has finished so with a age-old plan of marrying a baseline underline set with bargain-basement MSRPs. It’s also taken another, some-more benevolent tack: not incompatible a planet’s commission of left-handers with a designs.

First adult was a AM2 Gaming Mouse, in 2016: an Avago 5050 visible sensor in a moderate-size ambidextrous bombard with 4 fortitude settings (up to 2,400dpi), and an MSRP of…well, usually underneath $10. A few months later, a association expelled a AM3 Gaming Mouse. That one had a Pixart PMW 3320 visible sensor with 9 buttons on another ambidextrous shell, as good as Biostar’s Racing pattern program for symbol reassignment and macro creation—all for $16. [That’s hardly a sire a button! –Ed.]

Now a firm’s third mouse, a Racing GM5 Gaming Mouse, is out, and it looks like a association is removing critical about severe a some-more determined gaming-mouse lines. Biostar hasn’t given adult on low cost tags as a lure, however, as an MSRP of usually underneath $40 on a Racing GM5 demonstrates.


Here’s Biostar’s latest, during initial glance…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (First Glance)

We acknowledge to not caring many for a carbon-fiber Op Art look, yet fans of Victor Vasarely will certainly be pleased. (Go on, demeanour him up. We brave you.) And once we snap out of staring during a stripes, there’s a genuine and in anticipating an ambidextrous rodent that indeed offers buttons on both sides. This has prolonged been an emanate for us: mice that abstain a critical ergonomic advantage of a craft arch cresting underneath a right index finger, yet don’t offer any remuneration to lefties in a form of side buttons on a right. The Racing GM5 does, origination it one of a few critical gaming mice out there that works for lefties.

With a decent straight arch, it’s a plain choice for a hold by a palm, yet a splayed front buttons also work for a scratch grip, given a vast adequate hand…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Claw Grip)

Note, too, a rubber stuffing that’s on both sides. It’s not as rough-textured as some we’ve used, such as a aspect on the Genius Scorpion M8 610, yet it functions adequately.

And finally, note a commencement of a cord during a front of a Racing GM5. It’s skinny yet braided, both tough and superbly flexible. It’s also roughly 72 inches long, and bound with a Velcro tie, that is a good touch.

The rodent body, in turn, is 4.9 inches long, 2.7 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high. These numbers give a clarity that it’s meant for a vast hand, yet those lengthy, splayed nails indeed make it a reasonable fit for a medium-size one—as prolonged as we don’t try to extend your index and third fingers all a approach to a scratch tips. The rodent circle is too recessed into a Racing GM5’s aspect for a tastes, however, and both a step and pleasing strike are exceedingly reduced.

Behind it, as we can see here, is a span of buttons…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Box and Mouse)

The some-more brazen of these dual is called, literally, a “mode switch button.” Some difficulty might arise from mixed definitions of a word “switch.” Clearly, Biostar didn’t meant it as a earthy switch, yet a change or switch from one condition to another. So what we have here is a button, and it cycles by a array of 5 diversion profiles, or modes, that we can conclude regulating a mouse’s Racing pattern software. Behind it is a “dpi switch button.” Again, it’s a button—though we indeed cite dpi switches or toggles that let we pierce adult and down by a array of user-defined dpi settings, rather than a symbol that moves one approach before it cycles behind to a initial dpi setting.

Here’s a viewpoint that highlights a side buttons…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Left Profile)

There’s a good, tangible dilemma between them that creates for easy marker by feel with a round of your thumb.

By a way, all of a images above give during slightest some clarity of a single-piece, thick-plastic cloaking on a Racing GM5. The outcome is intensely smooth, and within a experience, presents an astonishing sensuousness to a touch. Which isn’t to contend that we’re about to buy it chocolate and flowers, and lease Notting Hill to watch together. But out of a box, it’s truly a pleasure to rest one’s palm upon.

It is a sincerely large mouse, as well, weighing in during 4.6 ounces. By approach of comparison, a HyperX Pulsefire FPS we recently reviewed came in during 3.4 ounces, and that one functioned good in a rival MOBA environment. The Racing GM5 moves simply on a 4 rodent pads, yet there’s still adequate drag to make this a less-than-optimal choice in games that rest on speed for a win.

Setup Features

Let’s take a impulse initial to postponement and consternation during something that is impossibly rare—namely, a Racing GM5’s 16-page foldout manual. (It’s also accessible online.) It’s not one page in 16 languages, nor is it a collection of cinema that could have been gathered by a mime. While it has a share of images, many of it is a detailed, well-written reason of a rodent hardware and how to work by a pattern software.

As for installation, it’s both easy and fast—a matter of plugging a Racing GM5 into a USB port, afterwards downloading and installing a tiny Racing pattern executable. The latter launches once installed…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Buttons)

The simple pattern elements are pretty chosen. At a tip are 4 categories: Buttons, for symbol reassignment; Sensor, permitting for 5 dpi settings; a self-explanatory Macro Editor; and a catch-all, Settings. Lighting control seems to have been combined as an afterthought, in a form of a colored blob to a right of Settings. There are 5 selectable profiles underneath. (We’ve no thought given usually 5 are provided, unless Biostar chose to deliberately save a profiles in onboard memory only, instead of adding a pattern record stored on your PC into a mix.) Under that is an picture of a Racing GM5 with a buttons prepared for reassignment…but all is not well.

See a symbol on a picture that’s related to a duty “Scroll up”? Problem is, there’s no symbol even close to where it’s pointing. It should, in fact, be indicating lower, during a corkscrew wheel, given it does impact what happens when we hurl a corkscrew circle up. Next, check out a symbol that’s dual down from a corkscrew wheel. It’s a dpi button, yet there’s no approach to change it. As we can see, it’s not related to anything on that rodent image. Finally, a “M” symbol that’s related to “Scroll down” indeed isn’t. It’s related to Switch Profile. But there is no Switch Profile option, and it doesn’t matter anyway, given that symbol can’t be reassigned, either. If we change “Scroll down,” it again affects a corkscrew wheel. We couldn’t change out a form switcher, any some-more than we could a dpi settings button.

Admittedly, a Racing GM5 is new on a market, yet a near-miss button-reassignment picture and inability to reassign dual buttons (three if we count a left rodent button, yet that’s okay) substantially isn’t a best approach to beget certainty in intensity buyers. Some graphical tweaking, maybe in a new chronicle of a program expelled on a Biostar site, would repair this. 

That said, click one of a symbol functions we wish to reassign, and this is where we finish up…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Button Reassignment)

This control row takes adult a lot of visible space opposite several tabs’ value of screens, yet it includes some startling options. For example, we get a sniper mode, that is a ability to toggle on another dpi sourroundings for as prolonged as a designated symbol is hold down. You can also rivet a “fire button” option, that offers continual glow from a symbol as prolonged as it’s held, or a not-quite-properly-translated choice named “on-to-go glow button,” that issues continual glow for as prolonged as a reserved symbol and any other symbol are hold down. There’s angle-snapping, too, yet usually as an on/off switch, rather than a linear slider. Beyond gaming, we can allot media keys, Print Screen, and Pause.

The sensor shade is sincerely basic, requiring small explanation…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Sensor)

That’s 4 sets of dpi settings, from 50dpi to 7,200dpi, yet a chances are you’ll never wish to go above 3,500dpi even in rival events. An choice during a bottom of a shade lets we set X and Y axes independently—useful on wide-screen monitors, and in games where some-more panning transformation is indispensable on a craft plane than a vertical.

The Auto Speed check boxes here will spin on both involuntary acceleration and deceleration. We suggest withdrawal them off, though. We’re not against to origination possibly choice accessible in principle, yet percentage-based sliders underneath a user’s control are distant improved choices than on/off switches, in something that can chuck off your mouse’s precision. If you’re critical adequate to use these, we wish finish control.

Let’s pierce to a macro screen, that suffers from some counterintuitive idol choices…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Macro Editor)

The red dot idol is clearly “start recording,” yet pretty it shouldn’t be fourth down from a tip on a right, given a importance. And a one that looks like a time face with an arrowhead in it? That’s “mouse movement.” Once again, though, there are a few startling and good options—such as a ability to insert any mouse, scroll, or keyboard authority in a macro, and to emanate macros in loop, fire-key, and one-time modes.

Settings is, as we remarkable earlier, a hodgepodge…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Settings)

We like angle-snapping as an option, yet once again, wish it had been implemented as Mionix does in its CastorAvior 7000, as a linear, percentage-based slider. The “Enable DPI/profile OSD” option, when checked, pops adult a summary in a user-selected dilemma of your shade as an conceal when we switch dpi settings or profiles, a plain idea. “Disable rodent acceleration (OS)” implies it’s enabled by default, that is astonishing when implementing a decent visible sensor such as a Pixart PMW 3330. But what this does is overrule a Windows sourroundings if it’s on, definition we can control one some-more aspect of your rodent from this singular utility, rather than bursting time between it and a Windows rodent settings.

Finally, there’s lighting…

Biostar Racing GM5 Optical Gaming Mouse (Light Effects)

Alas, this row is a bit Version 1.0. The Racing GM5 has 9 lighting zones: one on a corkscrew wheel, one on a logo, one on any side toward a front of a rodent in blue (as a shorthand to uncover that dpi sourroundings is in use: no light, left light, right light, both lit), and 3 zones in dual slight bands, on any side during a bottom of a unit. There are a common 16.8 million colors, yet usually dual simple effects, call and solid. (A span of other choices, Random 1 and Random 2, usually randomize what zones get call or solid.) What’s more, a corkscrew circle is always a fast cycling call in whatever tone you’ve reserved to a pretension of your stream profile. The funkiest detail, though: To spin off a lighting, we have to reset any of a 9 lighting zones away to black. The best that can be pronounced of this is what we’ve pronounced about rodent lighting all along: it doesn’t matter all that much, given your palm will be covering a rodent many of a time. Clearly, this is a work in progress, and during an early stage.

Its Racing pattern program to one side, a Racing GM5 comes with a integrate of other facilities that consequence attention. We’ve already mentioned a Pixart PMW 3330, and it’s a good, midrange visible sensor, if not a fantastic one. The unit’s Omron microswitches are rated for 50 million clicks—which means, given you’ll substantially pierce onto another gaming rodent in a year or two, that a GM5’s switches will substantially give out while your grandkids are bustling personification Grand Theft Hovercar LVIII.

Performance Testing

We checked out a Racing GM5 on a operation of gaming titles, including DOTA2, Far Cry 4, Ashes of a Singularity, Grim Dawn, and Torment: Tides of Numenera. The rodent achieved sufficient in all yet one instance. As we primarily suspected, it valid too complicated to work unequivocally good in MOBAs. On a other hand, we found that for fighting a reduction wily AI opponents of Far Cry 4 and Grim Dawn, it rubbed good enough, though a lot of rodent drag removing in a way.

The ability to emanate macros was appreciated, even if a unit’s pattern program lacked some of a some-more enigmatic capabilities of a Corsair Utility Engine (CUE), such as conceptualizing a macro that has one outcome when pressed, and a second, opposite one when released. We did skip being means to store as many game-specific profiles as we wanted, however, and we didn’t like a use of checked boxes for angle-snapping, acceleration, and deceleration, as against to linear sliders.

While on a theme of a pattern software, one underline we’d dearly like to see implemented is a lift-distance wizard. (That’s aside from a GUI facilities we’d like to see fixed, such as a treacherous button-reassignment screen). Optical sensors, such as a Racing GM5’s efficient Pixart PMW 3330, have genuine issues with mousing surfaces that are pure or infrequently textured. A lift-distance sorceress can’t assistance with a former—you’ll usually have to use it on an opaque, non-reflective surface—but it can lessen or solve issues caused by relocating from hardwood to softwood, for instance, or one rodent pad to another.


Now, we’ve quibbled a bit about this mouse, yet let’s take it all in perspective.

Biostar Racing GM5 (Box)

For an MSRP usually underneath $40, a Racing GM5 is a tolerably honeyed deal, generally if we are maladroit or have a lefty in a household. You get an ambidextrous, hand-neutral pattern with a span of buttons on possibly side, origination it one of a few gaming mice out there that caters to lefties. It’s got a decent visible sensor, glorious microswitches, and deeper-than-expected pattern software. The latter needs to work out a few issues, yet it should be effective when it’s finished, and we can mess-up by with it now.

Mind you, if we can pitch around $10 more, depending on a reseller and a sales of a day, a Corsair M65 will give we total diversion profiles, and a best pattern program in a business. But it doesn’t offer side buttons for lefties—and Mionix’s mice, that do this and supply a good lift-distance wizard, offer usually simple macro creation.

So it’s effectively a toss-up, formed on your needs. Suffice it to say, a fact that a Racing GM5 can even be considered alongside a likes of Corsair, Logitech, Razer, and Mionix rigging is a covenant to a intelligent research that Biostar done before production this, a initial medium-price gaming mouse. And if this rodent goes a approach of scarcely all a others we’ve reviewed over a years, a cost will in spin dump with time. Should it strech $30 or less, gamers on a parsimonious bill looking for a first-time rodent will get a grand discount here.


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