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Best intelligent lighting: from Philips Hue to Lifx, and all in between

Smart lighting is maybe a many permitted area of a intelligent home, requiring small explanation, installation, and fiddling in sequence to suffer a advantages of lighting that we can control from your phone or with your voice, and that changes tone, liughtness and even color. 

Without a doubt a biggest name is intelligent lighting is Philips Hue, though that doesn’t meant it’s a usually equine in a competition – far from it. 

There are some truly glorious offerings from companies such as Lifx if you’re looking for some-more of a talking-point; Hive if you’re on a budget; or Nanoleaf if you’d rather your lighting be a pattern underline in your home. 

Each complement comes with a possess pros and cons, so here we’ll speak we by a brands we should be wakeful of, and that enlightenment resolution will be a best fit for we and your home.

Philips Hue

The biggest name, and for good reason

Wattage: 10 W | Color: +16 million colors | Color temperature: 2,000-6,500K | Lumen output: 806 | Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Height: 109.2mm | Diameter: 62mm

There’s a unequivocally good reason because Philips Hue is a biggest name in a intelligent lighting scene: it’s though a doubt one of a biggest offerings to a market. The lights furnish a many healthy tones of any intelligent lighting we’ve used, a app is easy to use, and designation is a doddle. 

That said, we can’t use a Hue lights though a hub, definition a usually approach to get started is with a starter pack that’s going to set we behind extremely some-more than only a light tuber would. 

It’s also value observant that there are a accumulation of opposite lighting kits and bulbs accessible in a Hue range, so you’ve got a choice of White (which only does white light), Color (which offers over 16 million colors), and Ambient variants of both (which gives we a choice of dimmer, softer tones). 

They all work from a same hub, so we don’t need a new heart for any lighting set, though it’s value doing your investigate and unequivocally meditative about what we need before we invest. 


Funky, fresh, and dressed to impress

Wattage: 11 W | Color: 16 million colors | Color temperature: 2,500-9,000K | Lumen output: 1100 | Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Height: 114.8mm | Diameter: 62mm

Lifx is an engaging tender in a intelligent lighting market. It doesn’t try to replicate a customary comfortable heat of a strand bulb, instead focusing on splendid and colourful colors. 

If you’re looking for a underline light, something that’s going to wash your room in a comfortable red or low purple glow, this is a one for you. With a fun tone circle and liughtness settings that go from 1-100%, a customization options are so sundry that they can get strenuous during times.

But this is no gimmick light. While branch it on for a initial time might give we a bit of a shock, a light it emits is indeed unequivocally warm, and a genuine pleasure to lay in. 

Like Hue, there are a series of options with Lifx bulbs, including a ‘+’ chronicle of a bulbs, that embody a night mode that enhances a night prophesy of indoor confidence cameras by emitting a low-frequency light.

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Nanoleaf Light Panels

Makes your lighting compare your mood, or your music

Wattage: 60 W | Color: 16.7 million colors | Color temperature: 1200-6500K | Lumen output: 100 LM/Panel | Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Height: 210mm | Width: 240mm

You like light though hatred light bulbs. We get you. They’re so bulb-y. So maybe Nanoleaf is going to be some-more adult your street.

The Nanoleaf Light Panels (formerly famous as Aurora) take a judgment of lighting and spin it base-over-apex. Using a collection triangular panels, we emanate a energetic figure on your wall (or ceiling, or both) that can change by over 16 million opposite colors. 

What’s more, with a apart Rhythm Module, a Nanoleaf can even respond to audio cues from a room it’s in, so it can respond to music, putting we in a centre of your possess song video.

If you’d rather confirm what a light panels are going to do in advance, we can select from a immeasurable repository of user-created scenes that run by opposite aesthetically-pleasing configurations.

The strange set comes with 9 panels, though we have a choice to supplement more, and there are even dilemma clips to capacitate we to emanate configurations that hook around corners, creeping around walls and even onto your roof if we so wish.

Hive Active Light

An affordable further to a Hive ecosystem

Wattage: 9.5 W | Color: 16 million colors | Color temperature: 2700K-6500K | Lumen output: 806 | Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Height: 130mm | Diameter: 60mm

Unlike a other lights in this roundup, a Hive Active Light is one that we suggest privately if you’re already in a Hive ecosystem. If you’re a unapproachable owners of a Hive Thermostat, plug, suit sensor, or Hive View camera, you’ll know that all Hive inclination can all be tranquil from a singular app, streamlining a intelligent home control process.

Because all a inclination in a Hive ecosystem need a heart to work (you can possibly get a simple heart or a Hub 360, that doubles as a confidence complement and is most prettier), we won’t need a apart heart for your lighting.

An combined reward is that Hive recently announced that Philips’ Hue bulbs can be integrated into a Hive ecosystem, so if you’ve got this distant down a list though are still meditative about a Hue range, we can go behind and buy them now. 

Like a other ranges Hive has a accumulation bulbs, with some that change tone and some that only do white. The light from them is unequivocally pleasant, nonetheless a bulbs do ‘pulse’ somewhat if we spin them on regulating a light switch, so we need to leave a switch in a ‘on’ position and spin a lights on and off regulating a app.

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