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Best Raspberry Pi 3 cases: 10 great options to dress up your mini PC

You don’t have to buy a case for a Raspberry Pi 3, but doing so makes the experience that much nicer. That’s particularly so if you plan to use your Pi as a home-theater PC or even a secondary desktop.

A whole sea of options exist out there, though, ranging from simple acrylic cases to elaborately carved wood shells. So we dug into the mix to find the best of the bunch at different prices—and came up with a selection that should make minimalists, HTPC fans, gamers, hardware hackers, and even hot rod enthusiasts happy.

The best Raspberry Pi 3 cases

Greased lightning

Retailer: c4labs
Price: $15


C4 Labs sells a snazzy-looking wood case that has 1950s-style hot-rod flames and the Chevy Bel Air symbol. The case uses laser-cut birch wood, and works with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and model B+. The enclosure has appropriate access to all the various ports, including room for a GPIO ribbon cable.

If this case isn’t your thing, ModMyPi also has an interesting Helix case made from “flame grilled” medium-density fiberboard. It works with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2, and model B+. This case doesn’t require any screws, as it uses push fit pins to come together. The manufacture recommends that users avoid disassembling this case often, in order to keep from damaging the tight-fitting pins.

Official Rasberry Pi 3 Case

Retailer: Amazon
Price: $6

rpiofficialcaseRaspberry Pi Foundation

The official Raspberry Pi 3 case is pretty basic as cases go, but we just had to include it since it’s the “official” way to dress up your RPi 3.

The case is attractive enough, and the main idea behind it is to make the case as affordable as the Raspberry Pi itself. The list price for the official case is $9, but you can usually find it for $6 from third-party retailers on Amazon.

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