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Best movies on Netflix UK (October 2017): over 150 films to choose from

UPDATE: Netflix has revealed that it is increasing its pricing from immediate effect. In a statement it said that it will be raising the prices so that is can “introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience”.For those that are on the basic service, the price of this is going up from £7.50 to £8. Those who have the higher tier for 4K and the like will see the price rise from £9 to £10.

Netflix UK has a lot of movies on offer, but if you only have time for the best then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a list of the best Netflix movies you can get in the UK right now and it’s constantly updated so you know you’re never missing out. 

Netflix has become known for its TV shows (especially its originals) but that doesn’t mean you should be discounting the movies on the platform. Many of them are well worth watching and as you’ll see from our extensive list, there are plenty to choose from once you’ve exhausted yourself by TV binge-watching. 

To keep things neat, tidy and easy to navigate, we’ve broken up our movie picks into categories. For each category we’ve chosen a selection of movies that you shouldn’t miss with further recommendations listed at the end of each category. 

In all there’s over 150 movies to choose from here, all picked because they are, simply, the best films on Netflix to watch right now.

From comedy to indie, to horror and kids, there’s a movie category for everyone.

Keep checking back, too. Unlike its TV output that seems to stay on Netflix for longer, its movies tend to appear and disappear quite fast. We keep this best Netflix movies list updated as often as we can, so please bookmark us. Enjoy!

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