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Best free video editing software 2016

Of all the video editors on test, this one is the hardest to use and it is initially quite confusing. It has a lot of features whose function is not obvious, but it is worth persevering because it is capable of some clever effects. In fact, the number of functions is a bit overwhelming at first.

In VSDC you create a project and this has a number of scenes. Each scene has a number of objects and these can be video clips, photos and other items. You can apply various effects to the objects in a scene and there are a lot of them to choose from. The brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other attributes can be adjusted, objects can be flipped, skewed, rotated and so on, there are fire, water and plasma effects, and several transitions. Video clips can be trimmed and cut into smaller parts, and moved around. Then there is a whole series of audio effects too.

The editor is more like Movie Maker than Lightwave and the effects are numerous and flashy, but they lack the simplicity and precision of the pro editing features in Lightwave. If you want to do things like picture-in-picture, add speech bubbles with text, overlay lines, rectangles, and ellipses, then VSDC is the tool for the job.

The range of output formats is excellent and there are presets for the PC, DVD, iPod, Xbox, Playstation, mobile phones and more. Videos can be output to DVD, VCD, AVI and MPG too. It will even burn CDs and DVDs. VSDC has more features than any of the others and is worth considering.

Get VSDC Free Video Editor 2.19 here

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