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Best Blu-ray players 2016 UK: Blu-ray actor deals | 3D Blu-ray actor review

We exhibit a best Blu-ray players we can buy in a UK in Jan 2016. Blu-ray actor shopping advice. Most renouned Blu-ray players to buy today. Updated Jan 21, 2016.

In a universe of online catch-up TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube who needs a DVD actor any more? Without a attainment of high-quality Blu-ray discs some time ago maybe examination calm on front would have died out by now though many of us still have adequate DVDs and box sets to aver that additional box subsequent a TV.

And today’s best Blu-ray players exaggerate streaming facilities themselves, with intelligent apps and entrance to BBC iPlayer, Netflix and a rest built in.

If we have a 3D TV afterwards we need your DVD/Blu-ray actor to be 3D compatible, too – so demeanour out for players that work with 3D Blu-ray discs.

Here we prominence a many renouned Blu-ray/DVD players on Amazon, that are deliberate some of a best Blu-ray players by their user reviews. We also take into comment user reviews on Reevoo, and eccentric reviews from a likes of Which? and other testers. We haven’t reviewed these products.

Features to demeanour out for. All these players will play both Blu-ray and DVD discs, though some exaggerate larger facilities than others.

Best Blu-ray players: what is Blu-ray

Blu-ray discs can reason many some-more information than DVD discs, and so are good for high-definition TVs, where a pattern peculiarity can be many aloft than you’d get from a DVD. All Blu-ray players can also play customary DVDs (upscaling a video to near-HD resolutions). Usually a Blu-ray actor is preset to upscale a 480i recording (SD-DVD) to 1080P (full HD) outlay by default. This doesn’t meant that calm on DVDs looks as good as on Blu-ray discs though it should noticeably urge a DVD’s quality. Some newer models of Blu-ray actor can “up-convert” 1080p high def to 4K for a latest Ultra HD TVs.

Best Blu-ray players: Blu-ray specs explained

Best Blu-ray players – 3D: You competence consider that owning a 3D TV means we can play 3D discs, though you’d be wrong. Your Blu-ray actor also needs to be 3D compatible, so demeanour out for this underline if we wish to suffer 3D cinema on disc.

Best Blu-ray players – Wi-Fi: Some Blu-ray players have Wi-Fi built in so we can tide or download cinema and TV shows from a Internet though a need for a connected Ethernet connection.

Best Blu-ray players – Ethernet: If we wish your downloads to finish faster than around Wi-Fi demeanour for a actor with an Ethernet LAN port. These are usually useful if we have a connected tie from your router nearby, that many people won’t have nearby their TV. However, we can use your house’s electrical cabling as a substitute Ethernet wire by regulating Powerline adapters. You block one in to a wall energy hollow nearby your router, and bond that around Ethernet (cables enclosed with a Powerline adapters), afterwards block another adapter nearby your home-entertainment centre/TV/Blu-ray player. Then we bond thise inclination to a Powerline around another Ethernet cable. Bingo, we now have connected internet entrance true to your TV/player. See Best Powerline adapters.

Best Blu-ray players – Smart apps: Smart Blu-ray players embody built-in apps that offer TV- and movie-streaming on services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, catch-up TV on apps such as BBC iPlayer, and even amicable media on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Blu-ray players – DNLA: DLNA (which stands for a Digital Living Network Alliance) allows pity or streaming calm such as movies, song and photos over a home network – for example, from your laptop to your TV, or personification an MP3 on your phone. 

Best Blu-ray players – USB: Some Blu-ray players embody a USB container so we can simply block in a USB memory hang or tough expostulate to play movies, TV shows, home videos, photos and song on your TV screen.

Best Blu-ray players – 4K: If we have a 4K TV you’ll wish a Blu-ray actor that can upscale to super high-resolution 4K, so demeanour out for this feature. If we don’t have a 4K TV (or aren’t formulation on shopping one in a subsequent year or so) this underline won’t matter to you.

Best Blu-ray players: where to buy

In this underline we demeanour during a many renouned Blu-ray players, regulating information from Amazon. But a models listed here can also be found – infrequently cheaper – on other online retailers such as Tesco, Currys, PCWorld and Argos.

Best Blu-ray players: best understanding Blu-ray players 2016

Best Blu-ray players: Samsung BD-J4500

Samsung BD-J4500 Blu-ray player

Price: £39.99.

Available from Amazon, Tesco, PCWorld, Argos and more.

The Samsung BD-J4500 is one of a many renouned Blu-ray players on Amazon. It’s super inexpensive though garners good user reviews on many tradesman web sites, nonetheless it’s a no-frills bill indication that lacks a network tie or intelligent apps. That said, if you’re after only a Blu-ray actor and nothing of a extras this is good value.

It plays both Blu-ray and DVD discs, though not 3D. It plays high-quality Blu-ray discs and upscales DVDs to Full HD for rich, pointy visuals and transparent sound.

The BD-J4500 also lets we play your possess multimedia from a USB memory hang or HDD. And AllShare lets we entrance movies, song and photos around DLNA, so we can suffer your calm wirelessly.

One of a large claims – aside from a super-inexpensive cost tab – is support for a largest series of codec and record formats. Many renouned video formats such as Flash and QuickTime are supported, as good as VOB files from DVDs. In further to MP3 audio, we can listen to lossless FLAC files as good as .WMA, .OGG, .WAV and more. Pictures can be noticed in a renouned JPEG pattern format, as good as PNG files, GIF files and more.

3D: No          Wi-Fi: No          Ethernet: No

Smart apps: No          DNLA: Yes        USB: Yes          4K: No

Click here to find out some-more about a Samsung BD-J4500.

Best Blu-ray players: Sony BDP-S1500

Sony BDP-S1500

Price: £49

Available from Amazon, Currys, Tesco, Richer Sounds, John Lewis, and more.

Another discount Blu-ray and DVD actor a Sony BDP-S1500 offers Full HD. Images are minute and clear, and colours take on a abounding power interjection to Sony’s TRILUMINOS colour technology. (Note this record is disdainful to Sony and optimised for use with concomitant TRILUMINOS TVs, so you’d need a matched TV to get a many from it, nonetheless a actor will work though it on other TVs.)

Like a other Blu-ray players a BDP-S1500 also upscales customary clarification DVD cinema to near-HD quality.

You can also tide calm from a accumulation of online party providers (BBC iPlayer, YouTUbe, Skype and apps done for your TV around a Opera TV Store), around a Sony Entertainment Network.

The BDP-S1500 boasts a discerning start so will broach quick loading times, and it boots adult in reduction than a second.

3D: No          Wi-Fi: No          Ethernet: Yes

Smart apps: Yes          DNLA:          USB: Yes          4K: No

Click here to find out some-more about a Song BDP-S1500. 

Best Blu-ray players: Sony BDP-S5500 3D

Sony BDP-S5500 3D

Price: £79

Available from Amazon, Richer Sounds, John Lewis, Argos, CurrysTesco and more.

The compress Sony BDP-S5500 offers not only Blu-ray and DVD playback, though also supports 3D Blu-rays discs. This Blu-ray Disc actor also upscales 2D video to “simulated 3D” for extended abyss and softened on-screen pattern detail.

With a BDP-S5500’s built-in super Wi-Fi Pro, we can crop a best online party on a large screen. Smooth, quick streaming means you’ll suffer Internet calm with fewer interruptions and larger pattern quality. Upscaled and local 3D Blu-ray cinema also come to life in Full HD 3D for a some-more immersive observation experience.

With Miracast we can perspective and share smartphone calm on your TV, giving your photos, videos, and song a large shade treatment. Also we can use your inscription or smartphone (Android or iOS) to control your Blu-ray Disc player, and learn some-more about what you’re watching, with a TV Sideview app.

Like a BDP-S1500 it is concordant with Sony’s disdainful TRILUMINOS colour technology.

Enjoy all a excellent fact of a strange recording in clear, high-fidelity approximate sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. DLNA allows we to share multimedia calm opposite all upheld inclination in your home. The USB container is handily positioned on a front.

3D: Yes          Wi-Fi: Yes          Ethernet: Yes

Smart apps: Yes          DNLA: Yes          USB: Yes          4K: No

Click here to find out some-more about a Sony BDP-S5500 3D.

Best Blu-ray players: LG BP250

LG BD250 Blu-ray player

Price: £63

Available from Amazon, Currys, Tesco, Argos and more.

The no-nonsense, compress LG BP250 is a Blu-ray and DVD actor that also allows we to play videos, photos and song around a USB expostulate (handy container on a front).

Like a other players here it will also upscale your DVD collection to near-HD quality.

While it won’t work with 3D discs and doesn’t offer intelligent TV apps many people won’t skip these extras. It has an HDMI container on a back, though no Ethernet.

3D: No          Wi-Fi: No          Ethernet: No

Smart apps: No          DNLA: No          USB: Yes          4K: No

Click here to find out some-more about a LG BP250. 

Best Blu-ray players: Samsung BD-J5500 3D

Samsung BD-J5500 3D

Price: £59

Available from Amazon, Currys, Richer Sounds, Argos, Tesco, John Lewis, PCWorld and more.

This is one of a cheaper 3D Blu-ray players, and also includes intelligent functions such as Opera TV apps so we can watch BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, You Tube, and Netflix among others.

The winding pattern creates this Blu-ray/DVD actor mount out from a crowd, and mimics Samsung’s winding TVs and soundbars.

You can block in a USB memory hang or tough expostulate and afterwards use ConnectShare Movie to share all from home cinema and downloaded song to photos, with friends and family. The BD-J5500 is DLNA compliant, and has built-in Wi-Fi.

It is also accessible in white from some retailers, such as John Lewis.

3D: Yes          Wi-Fi: Yes         Ethernet: Yes

Smart apps: Yes         DNLA: Yes          4K: No

Click here to find out some-more about a Samsung BD-J5500.

Best Blu-ray players: Sony BDP-S7200 4K

Sony BDP-S7200 $K Blu-ray player

Price: £149

Available from Amazon,

The Song BDP-S7200 competence cost some-more than a other Blu-ray drives listed here, though it does upscale Blu-ray Full HD calm to 4K for a latest, high-resolution TVs. Audio playback is super high fortitude too.

Its dual-core processor enables faster streaming, quicker loading and smoother playback.

Download a TV SideView app to start regulating your smartphone or inscription as a remote control. And we can perspective and share your smartphone on your TV with shade mirroring.

3D: No         Wi-Fi: Yes          Ethernet: Yes

Smart apps: Yes          DNLA: Yes         USB: Yes          4K: Yes

Click here to find out some-more about a Sony BDP-S7200 4K.

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