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Best Android phones 2018: What should we buy?

Choosing a new Android phone isn’t easy. The Android star is plentiful with options, from super-expensive flagship phones, to affordable models that make a few distributed compromises, to models specifically designed for, say, good photography. 

Chances are that whichever phone we buy, you’ll keep it for during slightest twin years. So selecting a best Android phone for you isn’t a preference we should take lightly. But we can make things easier: We’ve done picks for a best Android phone in several categories. Check out a outline list below, or keep reading for a sum on any one. 

At a bottom of this article, we also list all a new Android phone reviews—in box we have your eye on a indication that doesn’t make a cut.

Updated 1/18/18: We have new picks for a best phone for photographers, phablet lovers, and discount hunters.

Best altogether phone

Samsung’s flagship phones are customarily utterly good, yet a Galaxy S8 and S8+ unequivocally lift out all a stops and broach a phone that is some-more polished, usable, and technically considerable than ever before. Inside and out, this phone is a masterpiece.

The beautiful pattern is built around a big, high 18.5:9 aspect ratio AMOLED arrangement that delivers a best brightness, contrast, and tone we’ve ever seen. The new form means isn’t usually good looking, it’s some-more gentle and usable, too.

Inside you’ll find a initial phone with a 10nm Snapdragon 835 chip, that gives it top-tier opening and glorious energy efficiency. In fact, these phones achieved usually good in a battery benchmarks (roughly 9 hours), with real-world use simply holding us by a bustling day. 

There are so many facilities it’s tough to list them all. Bluetooth 5, support for destiny gigabit LTE, wireless charging (Qi and PMA), iris scanner, Samsung Pay and Android Pay support, USB-C, headphone jack, IP68 H2O proofing, microSD label support… for such a smooth, slim, appealing phone, it certain packs in a ton of “stuff.”

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