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Belkin partners with Osram Sylvania to move new classes of intelligent lights to the WeMo ecosystem

Expanding on a partnership determined in Sep 2014, WeMo builder Belkin and lighting manufacturer Osram Sylvania have introduced a troika of smart-lighting starter kits that mix a former’s WeMo Link heart with a latter’s connected luminaires. Belkin’s WeMo record works with a series of other third-party products, including a coffee maker and a crock pot, though this is a initial time a inclination have come in a box with another manufacturer’s products.

The slightest costly of these WeMo Osram Lightify starter sets includes dual A19 tunable white bulbs in further to a all-important hub. These are 60-watt-equivalent LEDs that can put out 805 lumens. A color heat range of 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin means we can change a heat to fit your mood; cooler whites (3500K and up) are best for work, since warmer whites assistance we relax. This gold will set we behind $100.

Next adult is a $120 Flex RGBW Starter Set, that contains 3 2-feet prolonged light strips, WeMo Link, energy supply, and controller. Ideal for musical purposes, a color-tunable LED strips offer a sincerely far-reaching spectrum of colors and a extended operation of whites (2700-6500K). The third gold to go on sale is a $130 Garden Mini Starter Set. It includes a 14-foot fibre of colorful garden lights, WeMo Link, energy supply, and a controller.

Essentially a Zigbee-to-Wi-Fi bridge, a WeMo Link enables adult to 50 bulbs and lights to be tranquil by a WeMo app. It was until now usually accessible as partial of a $50 gold containing dual WeMo intelligent bulbs, nonetheless it works only excellent with a handful of Zigbee-speaking standalone lights from Osram and TCP as well.

“The bundled Lightify products will work with a enclosed WeMo Link and a WeMo app, permitting users to control them from anywhere with a intelligent device,” a companies pronounced in a corner press release. “Through a WeMo app, users can change colors and tone temperature, report lights to come on or off during a certain time or during Sunrise or Sunset, control lights away or in groups, control brightness, or set a nap fader to gradually blur to dark.”

Why this matters: Belkin’s home-automation code WeMo isn’t only singular to intelligent lighting, though is a fledgling ecosystem containing an array of connected-home products including cameras, intelligent switches, sensors, and tiny appliances. Integrating third-party products is pivotal to a expansion, quite in areas where Belkin has small or no expertise. In this case, for instance, dual of a bundles embody products Belkin doesn’t furnish itself–landscape and musical lighting.

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