Monday , 19 February 2018
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Because NOBODY can see by cardboard, right?

It’s a mid-1980s and, in this close IT shop, a dozen techies have a unchanging diversion they play: Spot a Bonuses.

“There were about 8 developers, dual guys on a network side of a group and dual people on a operations team,” says fish.

“Our association had mainframes using IBM’s MVS handling system, and we used a TSO/ISPF program as a apparatus for all associated to a systems — including a ability to see all imitation jobs in a queue, even as they’re printing.”

Most of a time, that’s only used for handling a mechanism room’s large line printers. But while a association payroll is rubbed by an outward outfit, for some reason a association prints reward checks for a executives in-house. You’ll obstacle a snazzy Shark shirt if we use it. Comment on today’s story during Sharky’s Google+ community, and review thousands of good aged tales in a Sharkives.

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