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BBC selects Atos for £560m craving IT and hosting services Aurora contract

The BBC has sealed a five-year understanding with French IT services association Atos, for a sustenance of craving IT and hosting services in a understanding value adult to £560m.

The broadcaster had expelled a proposal for a agreement behind in Apr final year that it pronounced would form partial of a switch to a multi-sourcing proceed for a Aurora programme. Aurora has been built to reinstate a BBC’s existent 10-year, £2bn understanding with Atos.

The BBC pronounced that agreement proclamation followed “an downright open buying process”, and that a understanding upheld a digital mutation efforts. It claimed that a new agreement would broach assets of over a third of stream costs to a BBC.

Matthew Postgate, arch record and product officer (CTPO) during a BBC pronounced that a understanding would capacitate a BBC to urge a proceed it works.

“[The deal] creates a systems and collection easier and some-more efficient. It completes a vital square of work re-sourcing a core record services, permitting us to expostulate a use of IP record in broadcasting and make a BBC internet-fit,” he stated.

In a initial proposal notice, a BBC minute a need for craving ICT services as: a record use desk, user tools, partnership tools, one communications, fixed-line telephony, mobile conduit services, confidence and temperament services, software-as-a-service (SaaS) supervision services, device supervision services, hardware and program provisioning.

For a hosting platforms and applications services, a BBC pronounced that it compulsory applications management, hosting infrastructure services, networking services, cloud supervision and technical accommodation

The contract, that a BBC can extend for adult to 3 serve years, will see new services going live after this year.

It is a final agreement of a Aurora plan to be awarded. Last January, a association chose BT to yield a promote network in a £100m, 7 year deal, as partial of a Aurora project.

The BBC will be underneath inspection in regards to a programme, after a £100m Digital Media Initiative (DMI) disaster that led to a sacking of former CTO John Linwood, and successive authorised record that found that Linwood was not obliged for a disaster of a DMI.

The National Audit Office final year suggested that the BBC had learnt from a disaster of a DMI.

However, in February, a BBC rated a smoothness of a Aurora plan as usually “feasible”. This means that poignant issues already existed that compulsory supervision attention, though these could be resolved if addressed promptly.

The BBC has taken a ‘tower model’ proceed to a programme, which has been criticised by a supervision in a past for being an out-of-date and costly proceed to providing IT services.

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