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13 weird and wonderful niche Linux distros of 2018

The ‘hermit kingdom’ that is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is one of the most isolated countries in the world. The internet is strictly censored (indeed, most North Koreans have never even heard of it) and access to computers is patchy.  Unwilling to rely solely on operating systems developed by the imperialist US, supreme leader Kim Jong-Il sanctioned ... Read More »

Best CPU cooler 2018: top CPU coolers for your PC

What’s cooler than being cool? That’s right, keeping your PC components ice cold. And, here at TechRadar, we love building and overclocking the best gaming PCs we can get our hands on – and we know that the best CPU coolers will help you squeeze every drop of performance out of even the best processors, as the lower CPU temperatures ... Read More »

Fuchsia and the future of Android

If you follow a lot of Android news, odds are, you’ve heard at least something about a mysterious Google project known as Fuchsia. And odds are, you’re at least somewhat confused about what it actually is and what it’s intended to do. Let me assure you: You aren’t alone. Fuchsia, for the uninitiated, is an “early-stage experimental project” within Google. ... Read More »

Apple reportedly knew about ‘bend-gate’ before it was a problem

REMEMBER BEND-GATE? That time when iPhone 6 users found, not long after the phone’s release, that having their new devices in their back pockets when sitting down could cause some curvature of the hardware? How could we forget?  Well, almost four years on, documents released related to the iPhone “touch disease” class-action lawsuit that’s currently making its way through the ... Read More »

Apple tempts free iCloud users with one-month free trials of upgraded tiers

Apple really wants more people to start ponying up for more iCloud storage, as the company is now offering one-month free trials of all upgraded storage tiers. First spotted by an AppleInsider reader, the offer appears whenever a free iCloud user (which puts up a paltry 5GB for consumers and 200GB for school-issued devices) attempts to manage their iCloud storage. ... Read More »

See, you just have to ask them the right way

Go-live date for this big application update is now just days away, but it still hasn’t been fully tested, says the pilot fish responsible for the project. “Part of the preparation is to test the big update’s ability to integrate with payroll,” fish explains. “This, of course, requires cooperation from the Payroll Department. They must set up suitable test data ... Read More »

Amazon Alexa can now play Audible books in Australia and New Zealand

Alexa’s available skills Down Under are on the rise. Starting today, Aussies and Kiwis with an Audible membership can ask their Alexa-powered smart speaker to play their favourite audiobooks for them. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, read [name of book]” and you can listen to your heart’s content, allowing you to relax, whip up a meal in ... Read More »

Intel’s rumored octa-core Coffee Lake-S CPU gets even faster

Earlier this week, we reported that Intel’s rumored first octa-core processor appeared with a 2.6GHz base frequency, but this forthcoming Coffee Lake-S chip might be faster after all. Intel’s eight-core CPU appeared again in the SiSoft Sandra database running at a significantly faster 3.1GHz and the processor will likely be officially announced with even faster speeds. That’s based on just ... Read More »

Huawei has ended the support for bootloaders on its devices

CHINESE PHONE GIANT Huawei has ended support for bootloaders on its devices. The company admitted the news in a statement sent to Android Authority after the dedicated support page for the process disappeared without any explanation earlier this month. For years, the Chinese phone maker Huawei has provided codes so that the custom ROM development community could unlock the bootloaders of ... Read More »

Music-streaming service Tidal under fire over late royalty payments

In December of last year, it was reported that the much-hyped streaming service Tidal may only have enough money for 6 more months of operation.  With that timeframe having just passed us, a new story from Dagens Næringsliv, the Norwegian newspaper that originally broke that news, is now reporting that Tidal is several months behind on its royalty payments to ... Read More »

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