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Australian supervision paid AU$4.9b to IBM, Boeing, Lockheed Martin for IT services

The Australian supervision spent a sum of AU$36 billion on IT-related buying from 2012-13 by 2016-17, with a handful of record giants receiving a infancy of a buying spend, a news from a Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has revealed.

According to ANAO’s Australian Government Procurement Contract Report, during a five-year period, IBM — that failed to ready adequately for a 2016 Census — won a sum of 692 supervision contracts totalling AU$2.33 billion, while Boeing won 165 contracts and perceived AU$1.6 billion for IT-related contracts, and a sum of AU$4.2 billion when counting services outward of IT.

The Australian arm of US counterclaim hulk Lockheed Martin sealed 260 supervision contracts during a period, walking divided with a sum AU$1.46 billion in Commonwealth buying coin.

Rounding out a tip 8 vendors was Fujitsu, with 1,092 IT contracts value AU$961 million; Abacus Innovations with 133 IT contracts totalling AU$894 million; Data#3 with AU$883 million for 1,689 contracts; Telstra with a sum of 1,091, with IT accounting for AU$660 million of a AU$2.8 million supervision agreement total; and Hewlett Packard with 1,517 contracts totalling AU$597 million.

Raytheon, Thales, Oracle, Accenture, BAE Systems, SAP, Optus, Dell, Unisys, and Dimension Data all perceived over AU$300 million any from a sovereign supervision during a five-year period.

Government IT buying spend appearance in 2014-15, a ANAO report [PDF] highlighted, with a sum tipping AU$7 billion; and for a 2016-17 financial year, spending forsaken to usually next AU$6 billion.

For a purpose of a report, ANAO tangible “IT-related” as information record broadcasting and telecommunications/engineering and investigate and technology-based services. The many common zone for IT spend during 2016-17 was mechanism apparatus and accessories.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) spent a many percentage-wise on IT buying from 2012-13 by 2016-17, spending over 40 percent of a sum buying pool on technology-based services.

For a same period, a Department of Finance — that performed contracts for whole-of-government module upkeep and support, and internet-based services for other departments — spent over 35 percent of a bill on IT-related procurement, followed by a Department of Veterans’ Affairs, that spent usually over 30 percent of a sum on technology-related procurement.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science spent usually 10 percent of a buying silver on technology-related procuring, notwithstanding being charged with a nation’s AU$1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda.

When it comes to sum money spent, a Department of Defence paid AU$15 billion for IT-related services during 2012-13 by 2016-17.

DHS, that came underneath glow during a 2016-17 year as a outcome of a Centrelink robo-debt debacle, spent a sum of AU$3.2 billion during a same period.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection, that saw a limit control functions merge with a Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, spent AU$2.7 billion; a Australian Taxation Office (ATO) outlaid AU$1.2 billion while it suffered a handful of outages over a past year from “one-of-a-kind” SAN outages to mainframe reboots; and Finance spent a sum of AU$1.1 billion on IT-related buying over a five-year period.


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