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Aukey KM-G10

If you’re a penetrating spectator of a PC peripherals market, we know a good gaming keyboard when we see one, usually as we can mark a poseur. You know how would-be gamers sound in gifted company? “Look during me! I’m a gamer! You should see me game…with all a games I have…on my gaming system.” Same thing with gaming peripherals. You can mark a wanna-be a mile off.

A gaming keyboard should raise a player’s gaming knowledge over what a customary keyboard can provide. Whether that’s achieved around programmable pivotal backlighting or accessible macros in a keyboard’s supplemental software, gaming keyboards yield an additional something to spin a tides of conflict in your favor. To benefit cred among loyal enthusiasts, one does not simply dump a word “gaming” for a consequence of self-inflation.

Enter a Aukey KM-G10, a budget-friendly automatic keyboard that Aukey bills, during least on a Amazon sales page, as a “104-Key Typewriter-Style Keyboard for Typing and Gaming.” We can’t assistance yet consternation if Aukey took a impulse from a $249 Qwerkywriter, a crowdfunded origination that resembles an early-20th-century typewriter, afterwards said, “I gamble we could do something like that for approach less…and try to sell it to everyone, even gamers!”

Aukey KM-G10 (Layout)

Now, in fairness, looked during by a lens of anything yet gaming, a Aukey has copiousness of newness interest for a pattern alone. And taken on a own, a KM-G10 is a acceptable keyboard. The list cost is $79.99, yet we saw it as low as $39.99 or $49.99, during several times, on while we wrote this review. That’s positively inexpensive for a mechanical-switch keyboard. Typists will like it, maybe even embrace it, with nostalgia and admiration.

But gamers? Well, that is a bit some-more complicated. Read on.


The KM-G10’s turn keycaps resemble those of an old-school typewriter. While a retro keys competence move behind memories of clacky typing classes and thriving applications of Wite-Out, transitioning from block to turn keys competence infer awkward. Due to a unknown keycap distance and shape, for a initial few days we found ourselves constantly whacking a wrong keys. Fortunately, this transitory proviso passes as your mind and fingers adapt.

Aukey KM-G10 (Box, Board and Accessories)

The old-school-typewriter cultured leaves a automatic switches entirely visible, divulgence a Outemu Blue switches underneath, around a edges of a keys…

Aukey KM-G10 (Outemu Switches)

The keyboard itself is matte black and has a steel frame, while a rest of a keyboard is plastic. We’ll postponement on this prove usually since of a curiosity. Aukey’s Amazon product page described a support as “aluminum” when we started a review, and discourse with a association led to a tenure being changed. PR described it to us as “ferruginous,” a tenure usually an English vital or metallurgical operative could love. It means “containing iron or iron-oxides” (of that decay is one of 16 probable types). The selling dilettante combined that “[the frame] is processed by anti-rust portrayal treatment.” Aukey maintains that iron creates a support some-more scratch-resistant and durable.

The association also refers to a pattern as “frameless,” that is keyboard-speak for a exposed-skeleton aesthetic, carrying no surrounding structure around a pivotal layout. (Corsair, among others, offers some models in a identical vein.) When it comes to arrangement screens, of course, “frameless” is a good thing. Less bulk is improved than more, generally if a ferruginous aspect doesn’t scapegoat anything in build quality. (True enough, a keyboard is utterly stout and exhibits really small flex when we lift it and twist.) And a turn keycaps scarcely strech over a keyboard’s edge, that is a cold effect.

However, this minimized-body pattern also means that a KM-G10 has 0 wrist support, that is a extraordinary repudiation for a product directed equally during heavy-duty typists. Perhaps Aukey assumes that a aim users (including us) will move their possess jelly or froth wrist rests to a party. (We positively had to.)

In a ergonomic and column, for lean we do get a set of flip-up/flip-down feet on a underside…

Aukey KM-G10 (Feet)

Aukey places a non-braided USB wire in a core of a front edge, and an “AUKEY” trademark sits between a arrow keys and Del/End/PgDn…

Aukey KM-G10 (Cable)

Above a numeric keypad, blue LEDs prove standing for Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock. While a KM-G10 has a Windows close function, no light shows a standing of this…

Aukey KM-G10 (LEDs)

Other than a case, a keyboard is wall-to-wall plastic. The keycaps’ figure leaves many of a baseplate of a keyboard visible, a accessible pattern choice, as it simplifies a dismissal of crumbs and mud when we lean your keyboard and shake it a little, or run a brush between a keys.

Unlike many gaming keyboards, Aukey omits any backlighting from a KM-G10. Nor do we find any of a increasingly renouned “wave” moulding to a tilted pivotal array, or many contouring on a keycaps themselves. They are fundamentally small candy-size discs…

Aukey KM-G10 (Keycap Profile)

A bit some-more keytop moulding would have been an ergonomic underline that would have benefited typists. As it is, a KM-G10 feels a bit prosaic if you’re used to concave keys. 

Features Performance

As mentioned earlier, a KM-G10 uses something called “Outemu Blue” switches; a progressing couple about these leads to a spec page in Chinese, about all we could find that looked lawful on these switches. In new years, a horde of companies (among them the renouned Kailh), as good as several mainstream keyboard makers, have started production their possess automatic pivotal switches to contest with Cherry’s gold-standard (but pricey) Cherry MX ones.

The Outemu switches here feel really many like a iconic, clackety Cherry MX Blue switches, solely that a Outemus are rather louder. The round, typewriter-esque keycaps felt bizarre during first, and even after removing used to them, we still elite normal rectilinear keys for a additional distinguished aspect area. The turn keys felt reduction precise, and we frequently strike a wrong pivotal due to flesh memory meditative we were typing on squares, with some-more room for error.

The KM-G10 lacks dedicated media keys. Instead, users contingency press a Fn pivotal in mixed with F1 by F8, that have legends for a several common media-control functions…

Aukey KM-G10 (F1 to F4)

Aukey KM-G10 (F5 to F8)

To assistance accommodate a square-to-circle transition, we can reason Fn and press a Windows pivotal to activate Windows lock, that prevents a Windows pivotal from being used. This saved us headaches, as we regularly sealed diversion windows when dire a wrong keys due to a unknown pivotal shape. This is quite strange, since a keys magnitude a common 1.5 centimeters across. We contend “usual” since we totalled keys from other in-house desktop keyboards and found a 1.5cm pivotal breadth opposite a board, with a disproportion of special keys, such as Shift or Enter. It’s usually a figure that was problematic.

Beyond that, Aukey factored in a pivotal authority that we found rather pointless, if harmless. If we reason down Fn and press a W key, a WASD cluster and a 4 arrow keys’ functions will be switched. Try as we might, we couldn’t cruise of a unfolding in that this would be useful. We did cruise a viewpoint of those with maladroit mice who competence wish their WASD keys on a keyboard’s right side, yet this authority would usually offer to mystify things. If we used this authority in an FPS diversion or a MOBA title, all other actions would still be firm to keys such as E or a left-Shift, distant divided from a arrows. You’d have to go into a diversion settings and change these pivotal bindings to be reachable from a arrows. And, if you’re doing that, since not change WASD to arrows from a diversion settings? We suspect it could be useful if a diversion didn’t concede for tradition pivotal bindings from within a diversion settings (or a diversion somehow released a arrow keys from your contracting options). But that’s not a problem we’ve run opposite these days, and we’re indeed arrow-key loyalists.

As mentioned earlier, a Outemu Blue switches yield a same satisfyingly clicky response as Cherry MX Blues or Razer’s Greens. (The latter have a same vigour and sound specs as Cherry MX Blues.) Aukey even mentions in a product outline that a tops of a keys can be switched out with keycaps done for Cherry MX switches, and Aukey includes a accessible top puller to do that. You can see a informed Cherry-style pivotal stems here…

Aukey KM-G10 (Caps)

While this is an engaging concept, it’s unreal from a value perspective. For a cost of this keyboard and a set of keycaps, we approaching would be improved off selling a keyboard such as, say, one of Razer’s comparison BlackWidow Ultimate models, that during this essay cost (from some resellers) usually an additional $10 or $20. And it would container way some-more gaming-specific facilities than what’s offering on a KM-G10.

Let’s warp quickly and plead a differences between switch colors. The Cherry MX Black is mostly good for gaming due to being non-tactile (no clicking) and carrying a top actuation force of a Cherry lineup (60g). Twitch-minded gamers competence opt for a MX Red, that is radically a MX Black, yet with a many lighter hold to activate. MX Blues (50g) tend to be many renouned for typing since of their pointing and pleasing feel. Admittedly, 10g of vigour disproportion competence not sound like much, yet when you’re gaming or typing for hours on end, it can meant a disproportion between annoyance/aching and a smooth, beguiling experience. You wish a right switches to compare your preferences for your application. Lumping typing and gaming together can be a recipe for user frustration, so you’ll wish to try out several of these switch forms before committing. That said, a cost of this keyboard is a lightweight commitment.

The KM-G10 lacks dedicated pattern software, a macro recorder, or any other discernible gaming underline solely for N-key rollover, a underline that prevents a keyboard from not induction keystrokes when mixed keys are being pulpy during a same time. When we asked Aukey to clarify on a gaming facilities it supposing in a KM-G10, we perceived no reply.

So, we’d marker this keyboard adult as matched usually for infrequent gamers happy with what they can customize within a game’s possess menus. Despite a miss of gaming features, a KM-G10 stays a acceptable collect for typing, if you’re peaceful to put in a time to sight your fingertips in precision-striking a turn keytops. And, in mixed with a wrist rest, it has a intensity to be a excellent bureau keyboard that’s also a review starter. Its pivotal combinations for media functions can open Internet tabs, e-mail tabs, and your calculator, as good as postponement and play audio/video.


While Aukey’s KM-G10 won’t broach many of a facilities approaching in a gaming keyboard, it still provides a pleasing typing experience. If we need a good work keyboard, a KM-G10 competence be a correct fit, generally given that a $40 or $50 cost tab beats out models with loyal MX Blue switches, that tend to start around $70 or $80 for full-width models. The Outemu Blue switches met a opening expectations, and a keys are concordant with other keycaps.

If we wish a good gaming knowledge in a automatic keyboard, though, you’re improved off selling one that’s geared for gaming, from a gaming-centric builder that can also precedence a possess grown software. That means looking during models from Logitech, Razer, Corsair, or a horde of smaller makers. In a infrequent crop around a shop-o-sphere online, a keyboard like Razer’s comparison (2014-era) BlackWidow Ultimate was accessible for about $65 and featured Razer’s possess automatic switches. Or, if you’re looking automatic and perplexing to keep costs down, a truncated tenkeyless indication (that is, a indication but a series pad) that’s usually a small some-more income competence fetch we significantly some-more in a approach of gaming features. Check out a roundup of a Best Tenkeyless Keyboards for some-more options in that vein. 


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