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ATO gives DXC Technology serve AU$735m for IT services

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has renegotiated a IT agreement with DXC Technology, giving a tellurian record services association a serve AU$735 million for “centralised computing”.

The contract, now value AU$1.47 billion, is current until a finish of Jun 2019.

A orator for a ATO pronounced that underneath a agreement extension, DXC will be providing a taxation bureau with services including information warehousing, mainframe, midrange, storage, datacentre facilities, private cloud, and open cloud.

According to a spokesperson, a series of a ATO’s IT contracts are due for renovation in a entrance year.

“Many of these contracts have been in place given 2009-10, and a marketplace and supervision IT buying process has altered over that time,” they added. “In conference with a Digital Transformation Agency, we are reworking a proceed we would use these services to be in line with supervision policy.”

As a result, a orator pronounced that to concede correct care of a options available, a ATO will be fluctuating some services now offering by obligatory suppliers.

“We pattern to finalise a new IT sourcing devise in 2018 and, as partial of this, we will gradually extend some services now offering by obligatory suppliers to safeguard continued fortitude of systems while we proceed a marketplace for services,” a ATO explained.

The strange agreement was awarded to Hewlett Packard behind in Dec 2010; however, DXC has emerged with a billion-dollar agreement following a fibre of mergers and zone spin-outs.

Over a past 12 months, a ATO has suffered a handful of IT-related incidents, including “one of a kind” SAN outages gifted as a outcome of a disaster of a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)-owned and operated apparatus during a finish of 2016.

A news into a outages suggested a SAN could not hoop some-more than one expostulate or enclosure failure interjection to a pattern preference taken by HPE.

As remarkable by a report, an research of logs from a 6 months before a occurrence showed a series of alerts indicating problems with a SAN.

“Since May 2016, during slightest 77 events compared to components that were celebrated to destroy in a Dec 2016 occurrence were logged in a occurrence fortitude tool,” a ATO pronounced previously. “We were not done entirely wakeful of a stress of a stability trend of alerts, nor a broader systems impacts that would outcome from a disaster of a 3PAR SAN.”

The news described HPE’s miss of credentials for an eventuality of a kind gifted by a ATO in December.

“Recovery procedures for applications in a eventuality of a finish SAN outage had not been tangible or tested by HPE,” a ATO said.

As a outcome of a incidents, a ATO has rebuilt a storage resolution with a new 3PAR, and decommissioned a aged one in Jul for debate analysis.

The ATO has given gifted mixed outages and mainframe reboots, with a many new outage in September inspiring a online services.

The formation of DXC Technology was finalised in April, that was a result of a merger of Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) and a Enterprise Services arm of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Hewlett Packard split a business into dual entities in Nov 2015, with HP focused on PCs and printers and HPE endangered with blurb technology.

HP announced a devise to split roughly a year prior, with a association observant during a time that separating into dual companies would give any a independence, focus, financial resources, and coherence indispensable to adjust fast to changing marketplace and patron dynamics.

Similarly, CSC underwent a possess apart in 2015, that resulted in two apart publicly traded companies — one focused on blurb businesses and a other on a open sector.

DXC Technology Australia and New Zealand handling executive Seelan Nayagam told ZDNet in Aug that a internal arm of a tellurian IT hulk also completed a upgrade of a Australian government’s Budget system.

The ATO was final month called out by a Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) for not tracking a costs involved in a digital mutation program, Reinventing a ATO.

The Reinventing a ATO Program was approaching to improved position a ATO to be some-more contemporary, innovate with technology, and accommodate taxpayer expectations, with a module requesting to all aspects of a ATO’s operations, including infrastructure, tools, services, and capability, with 100 projects in sum partial of a digital transformation.


ATO called out for not tracking costs in digital mutation program

The costs and assets compared with a module undertaken to make a ATO some-more ‘contemporary and innovative’ have not been tracked, a news from a Audit Office has found.

ATO rectifying taxation representative ‘irritants’ following fibre of IT outages

The taxation bureau has told a House of Representatives cabinet that regulating a ‘irritants’ that taxation agents have with a ATO’s systems is a pivotal priority.

ATO to work government’s temperament play into taxation time requirements

Govpass is already being toyed with by a ATO for taxation record series applications, though a group has pronounced that once it reaches a certain turn of “sexy”, it has a intensity to extend into other transactions.

ATO turns to AppDynamics for focus monitoring

Following a fibre of outages plaguing a Australian Taxation Office’s online use delivery, it has sealed with Cisco’s AppDynamics to guard a focus delivery.

ATO regulating Govpass digital ID resolution for taxation record numbers

The sovereign supervision expects a Govpass resolution will couple to existent request and facial corroboration services to settle identity.

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