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Atlassian Stride, First Take: A loose proceed to collaborative chat

Announced progressing this year during Atlassian’s Summit event, a Stride partnership apparatus is now rolling out to customers. Perhaps best suspicion of as an refurbish to Atlassian’s existent HipChat platform, Stride moves into a increasingly swarming team-working marketplace that’s dominated by Slack.

Atlassian’s flourishing portfolio of growth support production offers many places for growth teams to combine — doing tasks, essay documentation, and doing code. It’s also prolonged had collection for comparatively freeform collaboration, permitting ad hoc conversations. That indication carries brazen into Stride, with a ability to fast move together teams inside and outward an organization, with elementary email invitations.


Your initial Stride user is automatically an admin. Stride’s admin portal lets we control users and groups, as good as conduct formation with other apps and services.

Image: Simon Bisson/ZDNet

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Like many of Atlassian’s tools, Stride is dictated for bottom-up adoption. Anyone can set adult a giveaway hearing account, and a initial adopter automatically becomes a service’s initial admin. Other users can be postulated admin rights as needed, permitting we to transition to a paid subscription once Stride has turn widely used.

Similarly, we can move a Stride comment to an existent Atlassian ‘organization’ to take advantage of singular sign-on, and to make two-factor authentication to keep your conversations secure. If you’re regulating G Suite, we can also couple your Stride instance to your G Suite account, importing users and gripping your user bureau in sync. Once you’ve related a two, any new users combined to G Suite will automatically get entrance to Stride.

Once a initial three-month hearing expires, we can select a giveaway singular version; this still will support total users, though won’t concede shade pity and will usually store adult to 25,000 messages. A $3 per user subscription adds total storage, as good as formation with an total series of apps and bots. An API allows we to rise your possess apps, or couple Stride to existent program we use in your growth team.

Stride’s room-based embellishment creates sense; after all, meetings occur in rooms. Each room can brew group members, permitting we to build bedrooms that concentration on specific tasks or on specific projects. Need to devise an bureau amicable event? Set adult a room. Need to conduct a Kanban house for a growth sprint? Set adult a room. As Stride takes a freeform proceed to collaboration, there’s no prescriptive inlet to how we use it. There’s also a choice to start a discerning one-to-one chat, regulating Stride as an craving benefaction messaging apparatus as good as a partnership platform.

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Formatting options for content are good, with support for most of a informed Markdown, as good Stride’s possess simple formatting tools. As befits a developer-focused tool, it’s easy to supplement formatted code, regulating possibly Markdown or Stride’s possess keyboard shortcuts. There’s no syntax highlighting during present, though as Stride will shortly concede support for third-party plugins and apps, we wish to see formation with informed formula modifying tools.

More spontaneous communication advantages from support for emoji, and while there’s no built-in support for GIFs, Atlassian’s existent support for plugins like Giphy in HipChat should meant that they’ll be accessible when plug-in support launches. Images uploaded to Stride’s file-sharing collection will uncover in-line, giving we a workaround until we can work with GIF apps.


You can collect any concentration window to share in a Stride meeting, or share your whole desktop.

Image: Simon Bisson/ZDNet

As loose as Stride is, it’s critical to be means to remove pivotal decisions and points from a conversation. The informed @ gathering will prominence an individual, and warning them, while special formatting options prove possibly a summary is a preference or an movement point. Combining @ mentions and actions is a good proceed to fast allot tasks — nonetheless again, add-in support should supplement links to Atlassian’s other partnership collection and third-party platforms.

If you’re reaching a boundary of text-based collaboration, Stride includes a built-in video discuss service, so we can fast foster a review to a face-to-face chat, with screen-sharing for apps and documents. You can share meetings by emailing a link, or open them from a prompt in a Stride desktop or mobile app. Conferencing is really easy to use, sound peculiarity is good, as is picture quality, with minimal loiter and easy signals to concede someone to ask questions or to make a point.


App versions of Stride are accessible for desktops regulating Windows or macOS, as good as for iOS and Android.

Image: Simon Bisson/ZDNet

You’re not singular to regulating a web. Mobile versions of Stride run on iOS and Android, while there are desktop apps for Windows and macOS. Still, a web is a easiest proceed to get started, as Stride will run in any complicated browser. We tested in both Chrome and Edge, and were means to use all a pivotal features, including video discuss tools, with no issues.


Stride runs good in any complicated web browser: we had no issues in possibly Edge or Chrome.

Image: Simon Bisson/ZDNet


Perhaps it’s best to consider of collection like Stride as alternatives to a email list. Instead of drowning in a rapids of messages, Stride gives we a discuss story that we can drop into, with highlights that let we fast burst to pivotal areas of a conversation. There’s also a choice of switching to a concentration mode that sets a standing to uncover what you’re operative on and that mutes all incoming messages until we switch back. You can also set ‘busy’ and ‘away’ status, so colleagues can keep lane of possibly you’re accessible for a conversation.

It’s tough not to review Stride to collection like Slack or Teams, though Atlassian is clearly perplexing to do something opposite here. While Stride brings a some-more loose and infrequent proceed to collaboration, a genuine guarantee is in a impending formation with a rest of Atlassian’s portfolio. Where Slack is a standalone tool, Stride feels some-more like partial of a incomparable whole — partial of a glue bringing all a elements of a complicated flexible growth toolchain together.

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