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Atlassian rolls out several cloud-focused product updates


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Atlassian on Wednesday is rolling out a series of product enhancements to urge partnership and prominence opposite opposite corporate teams, with many of a updates geared towards business handling on a cloud.

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How business leaders are embracing cloud services

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Already, some-more than 70 percent of Atlassian’s existent business are regulating cloud products, while some-more than 75 percent of new Atlassian business start with a cloud deployment.

To solve some of a pain points that exist for Atlassian Cloud customers, a association is rolling out Identity Manager, a product with 4 features: SAML singular sign-on for temperament management, enforced two-step verification, modernized cue policies, and priority cloud support. The cloud support underline promises a one-hour response time for business confronting vicious issues on a weekend.

The product is essentially designed for business that are vast adequate that they need temperament government though might not be prepared to adopt a third celebration temperament manager.

“When we demeanour during a business who are flourishing and continue to grow on Atlassian Cloud, user government gets to be reduction available than it was when we knew everyone,” Rahul Chhabria, product manager for Enterprise Cloud during Atlassian, told ZDNet. “We wish business to trust their information is secure and that a products will be adult all a time.”

Next, Atlassian is adding Trello play to Bitbucket Cloud, that brings a plan formulation capabilities of Trello to Bitbucket, a program partnership tool. Combining a partnership collection bridges a opening that existed between program developers and non-technical teams such as designers or marketers.

“We find this knowledge creates Bitbucket a one-stop emporium for program growth teams and brings in everybody else that participates in shipping good software,” Chhabria said.

In another pierce focused on hybrid customers, Atlassian is collaborating with Microsoft Azure to let business muster Jira Software Data Center on Azure, by a jointly grown customized template. Atlassian introduced AWS support final year.

“We’re perplexing to yield deployment coherence for them, for whatever sourroundings they’re gentle with,” pronounced Junie Dinda, product selling lead for server products during Atlassian.

Meanwhile, Atlassian is creation it easier for support teams to offer assistance to business with a new Embedded Portal in Jira Service Desk Cloud. Instead of carrying to navigate to a opposite page or send an email to lift a Jira Service Desk request, business can use an embedded assistance symbol that lives anywhere.

Lastly, Atlassian is updating Portfolio for Jira, a plan government tool, with dual new features. With a new programs feature, business leaders can get an many-sided perspective of mixed projects — this gives them prominence into projects that all tie into broader business objectives.

“This is intensely critical for executives and managers to know what’s indeed going on in their flexible program growth and how it ties to their business priorities, Dinda said.

Similarly, a dependencies stating underline gives a cognisance of factors on that a plan might be dependent. The underline helps managers mark plan bottlenecks and find any risks to a project.


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