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Atari’s Linux-powered VCS console gets pre-order date, $199 starting price

​Atari VCS

(Image: Atari)

The Atari VCS (formerly famous as Ataribox) is circumference closer to no longer being vaporware, with a company’s announcement that it will finally be accessible for pre-order. The video diversion console/mini-PC combo is slated to go on sale on May 30 around crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Even better, we learn a few some-more sum about a complement that has had precious small info over selling hype and nostalgia transmitted to intensity buyers. While we’ve been told formerly that a VCS will be powered by Linux and underline some Atari classics, and we’ve seen copiousness of product images finish with retro styling, we now get a starting cost — $199 — along with a few specs.

Atari says a VCS will embody a tradition AMD processor with Radeon graphics, support for 4K resolution, built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, and expandable storage options. (A full spec square is betrothed when a Indiegogo debate kicks off.) In further to partnering with AMD, a association has enlisted Power A to assistance rise a console’s dual controllers — a complicated one with ride hang and D-pad and a joystick modeled on a classical Atari 2600 one.

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Also referencing Atari’s initial console is a VCS Collector’s Edition, sporting a mistake timber trim that was partial of a 2600’s aesthetic. While we don’t know what a cost of a Collector’s Edition will be, Atari did exhibit that an all-black Onyx book will be accessible for a singular time starting during $199. That cost seems to be for a console only, as a association points out that other editions will come with a controllers.

One other square of news that’s reduction enlivening is a approaching shipping date. Atari will gladly take your income starting subsequent month, though it says it won’t have a finished product until subsequent spring. Things seem to be surpassing for a VCS, though there’s still copiousness of time between pre-order and a approaching shipping date for those things to go amiss.

Are we assured adequate to pre-order one?

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