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Asus R700t GPS

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The R700t GPS navigation device from Asus offers an array of facilities in an appealing nonetheless unstable package. There are too many glitches, however, to make this a constrained product, generally when there are distant improved options in this heavily jam-packed sector.

The R700t comes powered by a 400Mhz Samsung processor and preloaded with Tele Atlas maps. There’s stout ascent hardware for in-car use and a protecting box for carrying it around—which is a snap, given a section measures usually 5.0×3.1×0.5 inches. Additional facilities embody cellphone connectivity by Bluetooth, an enlargement container to accommodate MicroSD cards adult to 4GB (a 2GB label is included), and a light sensor that can automatically toggle a arrangement between day and night modes. The R700t also offers real-time trade updates around a Traffic Message Channel (TMC) service, audio and video playback, and an FM conductor to tide a device’s audio outlay to your automobile stereo.

Once we get a GPS vigilance and enter a destination, a section displays easy-to-follow 3D maps (including 3D representations of landmarks) on a vast 4.3-inch reason shade in frail 480×272 resolution.

From a settings menu, we can select a highway forms to embody in your channel (unpaved, toll, or highway, for example) as good as your mode of transportation. The section offers many useful points of seductiveness (POI)—not usually a closest gas stations and airports, though also circuitously railroad/subway stations, sports stadiums, and unison halls. This came in accessible during one highway exam from Manhattan to Wantagh, N.Y. The travel we were looking for was not in a unit’s residence database, though we were means to get to a end by selecting a circuitously outside amphitheater from a POI list.

On another highway test, this time from Manhattan to Barryville, N.Y., we missed a turn, though a R700t held it fast and gave us an accurate track recalculation in a really timely manner. The navigation complement also offers a useful feature; on coming a turn, a angle of a map automatically changes so that it’s easy to tell accurately where a spin is to occur. And nonetheless unit’s 3D landmark digest might not be quite necessary, it is rather sparkling to punch in a New York or Chicago residence and see a Chrysler Building or Soldier Field cocktail up.

Overall, a interface is really user-friendly, that is advantageous given that a electronic owner’s primer (included on a CD) is distant from thorough. On a downside, it was startling to learn that a R700t does not have text-to-speech functionality, a underline found in many competing GPS units. Reliability is also a problem. While many GPS navigation inclination remove their satellite vigilance when flitting by tunnels, a R700t’s vigilance managed to conk out while flitting underneath a highway overpass. It’s a bit frustrating to remove a vigilance so easily, generally when it takes 5 to 10 mins to recover it. The device also crashed spasmodic when we simply zoomed in on a map. What’s more, a battery does not reason a assign really long, though opportunely both an AC adapter and a automobile horse are enclosed (we strongly suggest that we keep a section plugged in while in use).

The R700t positively scores points for a features, portability, and eye-pleasing display. But a detriment of vigilance and other problems we encountered give us pause.

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