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ASIC seeks outwardly managed information analytics use for financial stats

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) wants a executive plcae for a Strategic Intelligence group to find and analyse financial and mercantile information on both domestic and general organisations.

Publishing a Request for Tender (RFT) during a finish of 2017, ASIC is seeking a businessman to yield and conduct a platform, that will embody a converging of information such as financial and mercantile information, as good as particular association and marketplace statistics and news.

ASIC wants to horde a depot on-premises in a Sydney offices, though wants it connected to a contractor’s complement by an outmost customary internet tie rather than around ASIC’s intranet.

It is a condition of a proposal that data, reports, spreadsheets, and other compared files be negotiable to ASIC’s intranet practical machines by email or another customary digital service.

The installation, configuration, and upkeep of a dedicated earthy mechanism depot will be a shortcoming of a contractor.

The RFT also stipulates that a use contingency concede automated, unchanging or ad-hoc, scheduled or real-time information record transfers into ASIC by FTP services, email, or other digital services, and contingency yield users with an API or with Microsoft Office plug-ins to concede for automation and pattern of information downloads.

The use contingency concede a pity of data, reports, spreadsheets, and other files from a executive internally via ASIC, and contingency concede for a feeding of information from a use into ASIC’s databases and craving calm supervision system.

The corporate regulator has also asked a executive hoop a confidence elements of a offering, requesting correspondence with a Commonwealth Protective Security Policy Framework tangible by a Australian Signals Directorate.

“ASIC will not tell a proposal information from a contractor,” a RFT says. “However, ASIC contingency be authorised to outwardly tell aggregated, summarised, or processed information from a executive on a non-regular basement and with suitable confirmation of a contractor.”

The eccentric Australian supervision physique has also requested that random outages camber no longer than one day.

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Specifically, ASIC is penetrating to accumulate information on sell markets in Australia, such as equities and indices prices, marketplace caps, shares on issue, volumes, and turnover; as good as information on equity and debt collateral raisings. It wants identical information on abroad sell markets.

Foreign sell cross-rates and volumes, credit default barter spreads, and seductiveness rate benchmarks; as good as change sheets, income statements, collateral buffers, and information on association auditors is also compulsory by ASIC on both domestic and general entities.

It wants entrance to information on managed investment schemes, including sidestep funds, as good as debt data, including issuance, amounts outstanding, and underwriters.

The agreement will be awarded for an initial two-year term, with 3 options to extend for one year each, to be actioned during ASIC’s discretion.

The proposal closes on Jan 30, 2018.


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