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Are tech marketers delivering what CIOs unequivocally want?

I’ve only finished off essay a square of investigate that we consider will be suitable for marketers and sales people on IT, though also for CIOs and decision-makers who are meddlesome in a discourse around how they’re indeed being sole and marketed to.

The news follows on from a Computing Tech Marketing Innovation Forum 2017, that we ran progressing this year, and during that we met a row of CIOs feeling intensely irritated by the approach a universe of sales and selling approaches and works with them.

My investigate used some of these concerns as a starting point, and afterwards changed into a consult of 181 IT buyers, as good as 153 IT marketers.

In-depth interviews with both preference makers and marketers followed, and what resulted was, we feel, a good review into how IT is bought and sole in a UK today.

There’s also some unequivocally engaging stats in there about budgets!

You can download a news right here. Please feel giveaway to get in hold if you’d like to plead it further.



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