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Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro won’t arrive until 2019

If we had your sights set on removing a redesigned Apple Mac Pro this year, afterwards it seems we competence have set yourself adult for disappointment.

According to TechCrunch, Apple won’t be bringing out a new chronicle of a many absolute desktop complement until 2019, notwithstanding rumours it would be entrance someday this year.

The Cupertino company’s hardware engineering clamp boss Tom Boger reliable a news on Thursday, in a bid to give a heads adult to a intensity business who are looking to buy a complement shortly that they can go forward and buy an iMac Pro without a Mac Pro popping adult for sale in a month’s time.

The news comes only days after it was reported that Apple competence embankment Intel chips and start regulating a possess processors in Macs from 2020 leading – a latest in a fibre of such stories that have emerged with augmenting rule in new years

This was according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who claimed that a beginning – codenamed Kalamata – is in a “early developmental stages”, though has already been authorized by executives during a company.

The Bloomberg news states that Apple could boat computers formed on a possess ARM-based processors as early as 2020, though records that a pierce would be partial of a “multi-step transition” in a incomparable bid to make iOS inclination and Macs “work some-more likewise and seamlessly together.”

This follows an progressing Bloomberg news tour Apple’s skeleton for a new a new height codenamed ‘Marzipan’ that will capacitate Macs to run iOS apps for a some-more seamless knowledge between mobile and desktop platforms. This is scheduled to launch someday this year, and Apple competence announce some-more sum during a WWDC discussion in June.

In a latest report, Bloomberg adds that Apple, that has used Intel chips in a computers given 2005, will uncover off a revised Mac Pro subsequent year that will container an Apple-developed chip identical to a T2 chip found in a iMac Pro. Other Mac laptops will accept Apple-developed chips this year, a news adds.



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