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Apple’s ‘entry-level’ 13in MacBook behind due to ‘processor issues’

APPLE’S RUMOURED 13in MacBook with Retina arrangement has reportedly been behind and will no longer make an coming during WWDC.

The final we heard, Apple’s incoming 13in MacBook was slated to arrive in a second quarter, with all signs indicating to a launch during a firm’s developer discussion in June. However, Digitimes is stating that Apple has pushed behind prolongation of a laptop until a third quarter. 

“Some MacBook Air supply sequence players who have readied full inventories of materials to support second-quarter prolongation will face low ability function before starting to broach shipments in a third quarter,” a news claims. 

The reason for a check is unknown, nonetheless some Apple partners have speculated that it could be due to “problems with some pivotal components such as processors.” This could be associated to Intel’s proclamation on Friday that it’s once again delaying volume prolongation of its long-awaited 10nm chips after pang “yield issues”. 


The arriving MacBook, that Digitimes refers to as a ‘budget-type MacBook Air’ notwithstanding progressing conjecture it would reinstate Apple’s spare laptop line-up, is approaching to container a Retina display. Previous rumours explain this arrangement will be an LG-made a-SI row with a fortitude of 2,560×1,600, trumping a MacBook Air’s 1,440×900 panel.

Not most else is famous about a incoming Apple laptop, though reports explain that, once it launched after this year, prices will start during around $899 (around £655). 

News of Apple’s MacBook check comes only weeks after Tim Cook debunked rumours that a association is formulation to combine a iOS and macOS handling systems. 

“We don’t trust in arrange of watering down one for a other. Both [The Mac and iPad] are incredible,” a CEO said. 

“One of a reasons that both of them are implausible is since we pushed them to do what they do well. And if we start to combine a dual … we start to make trade-offs and compromises.” µ



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