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Apple TV 5th gen: what will we see from a new Apple TV?

When it comes to TV streaming boxes, it’s protected to contend a Apple TV isn’t accurately aristocrat of a hill. We’re now in a product’s fourth generation, and Apple hasn’t delivered on a TV series it promised. In fact, it’s struggling to contest with other streaming options like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

There are many reasons for a timorous marketplace share, from a comparatively high cost to a uncompetitive calm and a miss of 4K support. We go into them in many some-more fact here

However, while Apple’s not during a tip of a diversion with a TV streaming box, that doesn’t meant it’s out of a joining completely. It still has a probability to get things right with a new, fifth-generation Apple TV, and here are all a rumors about a new device. With zero reliable as yet, all of this could be theme to change, yet there’s a lot of information out there to pull upon. 

Cut to a chase

  • What is it? The fifth iteration of Apple’s connected TV box
  • When is it out? Late 2017 is a likeliest time
  • How many will it be? There’s no central cost indicate usually yet, yet a cost is expected to be tiered and commanded by tough expostulate size.

Release date

Alright, so, Apple hasn’t strictly reliable that a new Apple TV is imminent, yet it also hasn’t pronounced that there isn’t one on a way. In a new gain call, Tim Cook told investors that a association was happy with a approach a new Apple TV was entrance along while teasing that there’s “more things planned” for it in a future. 

Considering it’ll shortly be dual years given we saw a final refurbish to a device and late final year a third-generation Apple TV was pulled from stores, we consider this is a sincerely good denote that there’s a new indication on a approach soon. 

Though an proclamation could occur during any time, there are a few points around a year when Apple is many expected to make some kind of Apple TV announcement. The initial such probability is during a Worldwide Developers’ Conference that is holding place in June. 

However, as WWDC essentially focuses on program updates, a repeat of a prior generation’s Sep proclamation and Oct launch seems some-more likely. Particularly as Sep is customarily a time Apple creates a large hardware announcements. 

How many will it cost?

The stream Apple TV will set we behind $149 (£139/AU$239) for a 32GB chronicle and $199 (£179/AU$299) for a 64GB chronicle that creates it an costly square of pack compared to other streaming boxes on a marketplace that frequently come in during underneath $100. 

In light of this, it wouldn’t be a bad thought for Apple to dump a cost of a newest indication when it’s expelled or urge a calm it offers to clear a aloft cost point.  

It’s flattering many certain that a Apple TV fifth-generation will also offering tiered pricing and it’s rarely expected Apple will keep a fourth-generation Apple TV around during a reduce cost indicate as a some-more affordable choice as it has finished in a past. 

What facilities will it have?


The fourth-generation Apple TV was suggested some-more than 3 years after a third era model, yet to make adult for a prolonged mangle it was a sincerely large refurbish with a code new handling system, a new remote and even Siri integration. 

Something it was missing, however, was support for 4K and HDR content. When a fourth-generation Apple TV was launched during a finish of 2015, 4K video was in a decline and arguably not large adequate to clear including support for it during that time. 

Now that we’re a good cube of a approach into 2017, 4K support is flattering many a customary underline on incomparable high-end TVs and as streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon rapidly boost their 4K calm streaming inclination from Amazon, Roku and Google have been discerning to recover inclination that support it too. 

This leaves a fourth-generation Apple TV looking woefully out of date compared to a competitors. If Apple has any hopes of maintaining a tiny apportionment of a marketplace share, a new device should be means of streaming 4K content. 

Power, speed and pattern have never been a quite large problem for a Apple TV yet it’s still expected a new recover will be a small faster, a small some-more absolute and maybe a small smaller or slimmer.

It’s also probable that Apple will deliver a incomparable tough expostulate option, or during a really slightest offer a approach to enhance memory externally. Earlier this year Apple announced it was upping a limit allotted distance for apps on a Apple TV from 200MB to 4GB. This is good in terms of bringing incomparable apps to a device, yet a stream Apple TV usually comes in dual sizes – 32GB and 64GB. 

This means that even yet it can reason incomparable apps, a fourth-generation Apple TV can’t reason many of them so a introduction of a fifth-generation Apple TV with 4K and HDR support as good as a 128GB tough expostulate choice seems expected to us.  


Aside from essential hardware changes, we suppose a biggest changes we’ll see will be in a device’s software, quite as  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that a new Apple TV and tvOS were “building a substructure for what [Apple] trust can be a broader business over time.” 

Developer logs spotted usually final month suggested that Apple is building a device that runs tvOS 11. We would design to see this new tvOS expelled alongside iOS11 after this year. 

Siri during home

Siri was introduced to a Apple TV in 2016 so we suppose a capabilities will usually continue to improve. 

It’s maybe probable that Apple will use Siri’s formation into a Apple TV to enhance into some-more intelligent home capabilities. Apple brought HomeKit control to tvOS 10 and afterwards in tvOS 10.0.1 it supplemented this with support for App Launch and Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration that done it probable for HomeKit accessories to launch and configure around a Apple TV.

A probable subsequent step is to move a Home app now accessible on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to tvOS 11 and spin a Apple TV into a fully-fledged home hub. 

Not usually would this give Apple TV a approach to mount out from other streaming devices, it would concede Apple to concurrently keep adult with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home inclination but a difficulty of introducing a code new product to a market. 

Content is king

A pivotal area where Apple will have to urge is in a calm it offers. Apple has never been means to accommodate a ambitions in a compensate TV space – it’s unsuccessful to make agreements with pivotal TV prolongation companies and skeleton for a live TV streaming use have never come to fruition. 

However, a new boost in app sizes authorised on a device suggests we’ll positively see some some-more gaming apps come to Apple TV in a destiny and Apple appears to be operative tough to emanate a possess strange calm with things like Carpool Karaoke and Planet of a Apps. This strange calm during a really slightest gives Apple something some-more to supplement to a TV app. 

It’s also recently been reported that Apple is formulation to deliver a use that would gold channels together underneath one singular monthly fee.

This use would take channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz that offer apart subscriptions and move them all together into one available bundle.

Nothing has been reliable with regards to this and it would need a good understanding of traffic on Apple’s partial to settle a gold that would offer a rival adequate cost to captivate consumers in. However, it would be a artistic resolution to a fact that Apple now usually offers particular channels and apps. 

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