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Apple to Samsung: Cough adult $1bn for regulating the iPhone designs

Video: Apple confronting lawsuit in South Korea over battery scandal.

Apple is after $1bn from Samsung following a anticipating years ago that a South Korean company’s phones did transgress 3 iPhone patents.

The eight-year-old fit has reached a indemnification proviso and member from a dual tech giants have been in justice this week creation their box to jurors over a final value Samsung should pay.

The dual companies are contesting either Apple’s patents strengthen partial of a iPhone or a whole of it, CNET reports. Apple wants $1bn from Samsung, a full volume of distinction it done from phones that infringed 3 of Apple’s pattern patents.

Samsung is perplexing to remonstrate a jury to top indemnification during distant less, arguing it should usually have to compensate for a specific components that it infringed in any phone sold, such as a bezels and shade glass.

This position stems from a Supreme Court ruling in 2016 that was auspicious to Samsung and is executive to how indemnification are distributed in transgression cases involving pattern patents.

At a time Samsung had paid Apple $548m, though a statute that a applicable “article of manufacture” in a multi-component product needn’t be whole device, though a components such as bezels and displays, could cut $339m from that figure.

Apple profession Bill Lee stressed to jurors a significance of pattern to Apple, that “puts pattern before all else”. The pattern patents that Samsung infringed regard a earthy figure that would turn a iPhone, a bezel, and a colorful grid of icons.

Samsung profession John Quinn hold adult components to a jury, emphasizing that any was a possess essay of make and that there are “hundreds of articles of make inside a phone”.

“The usually approach Apple can come adult with $1bn in indemnification is by observant a essay of make relates to a whole phone,” Quinn said. “None of a patents is a whole phone.”

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