Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Apple reveals 6 huge iOS improvements for 2018

We’ve just learned several important details around some of the key iOS improvements Apple hopes to make available to the rest of us in the coming weeks.

ARKit is about to improve

Apple wants to energize ARKit development with a range of powerful new features in ARKit 1.5 and iOS 11.3, which are currently in beta testing. These important improvements will clear even more space between the company and competitors in the mobile space. They include:

  • The capacity to recognize vertical surfaces (walls, doors, and such like). Until now, ARKit could recognize only horizontal surfaces.
  • Image detection for signs, posters and other artwork
  • Higher resolution (1,080p instead of 720p), enabling more realism in AR experiences.

These improvements should mean ARKit developers will be able to build better games (such as bouncing balls off of walls) and more immersive VR experiences, particularly in the education and museum sectors.

Health records for iPhones

Apple this morning also confirmed my many predictions that it is working to develop a health records system that is compatible with iPhones and iPads. These new features will be introduced as an element within the company’s Health app, according to The New York Times, which claims:

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