Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Apple reportedly prepping a mirror-like finish for a iPhone 8

It’s been a bustling weekend for iPhone 8 rumors: right off a behind of news that a wireless charging tech Apple wants to put in a subsequent handsets might not be prepared by September, we’ve got conjecture that a special “mirror-like” finish is in a works for a flagship phone.

The spill is pleasantness of seasoned Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, someone we’d trust some-more than many when it comes to iPhone info, who says that a source inside a association told him what was in a pipeline.

According to Geskin, 4 colors are in a approach for a iPhone 8, with a others presumably white, black, and rose gold. We should indicate out that a picture above, tweeted out by Geskin, is an comparison iPhone with a contemplative case, though it gives we an idea.

Color us surprised

Previously we’d been expecting adult to 6 colors for a iPhone 8, with red, bullion and gray also on a table, though a mirror-like finish is something of a bend ball. It would positively make a tenth anniversary iPhone mount out from a crowd, including a iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus approaching to launch alongside it.

We’re only blissful to see a report that isn’t about either a Touch ID sensor will be on a front or a back of a iPhone 8, to be honest – a tale of conjecture and report that feels like it’s been using for a whole year.

Also on a cards for a iPhone 8’s phenomenon in Sep are a bezel-free display, a plumb aligned dual-lens camera with some additional AR smarts, and presumably even a winding screen. We’ve dull adult all a rumors we’ve listened so distant into one place for we here.

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