Sunday , 27 May 2018
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Apple reportedly looks to Virginia for another US campus

It seems Virginia is for tech lovers.

According to a news in The Washington Post, Apple has been acid for places to put hubs as it contemplates how to spend a $30 billion it has committed for new comforts and 20,000 new employees in a U.S. over a subsequent 5 years — and it looks like Virginia is on a list.

If Virginia creates a cut, Apple would be a second vast tech association to call a state a (second or third) home, as Amazon is also reportedly looking during Virginia as a site for a second U.S. headquarters.

The Post is stating that Apple could find to put adult to 20,000 employees in a intensity Northern Virginia campus that would sum 4 million block feet of bureau space.

Citing conversations between a association and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the Post reported that state officials had due several sites for a Apple campus, that would be two-thirds a distance of a Pentagon and half of what Amazon is looking for in a new HQ.

All of a courtesy from Amazon and Apple speaks to a new realty for tech companies, that is that Washington, DC has a eye on them… and, conversely, these companies need to have a closer eye on Washington.

Facebook and Google, that is owned by primogenitor association Alphabet, have both also stretched their participation in a DC area. Four years ago, Google opened new offices in a capital to most pushing and ballyhoo, while Facebook plans to site a $1 billion information core in a Richmond area.

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