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Apple releases iOS 11.3 with iPhone battery tool, new Animoji, and more

Video: iOS 11.3 beta adds battery health settings


That new 'privacy icon' in iOS 11.3 does zero to forestall cue phishing

That new ‘privacy icon’ in iOS 11.3 does zero to forestall cue phishing

Apple knows iPhone users are exposed to being duped into handing over passwords. — though won’t do anything about it.

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You can now check your iPhone battery’s health and see if your phone is being throttled or slowed down due to an comparison battery. This underline is enclosed in iOS 11.3, that Apple expelled on Mar 29.

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Apple also expelled a initial module refurbish for a intelligent speaker, a HomePod. The Apple Watch and Apple TV perceived updates, too.

In further to a new battery checking tool, iOS 11.3 introduces a new remoteness idol to assistance users brand when Apple is requesting private information and not a third party.

Apple’s protracted existence platform, ARKit, has also been updated to support plane surfaces. New Animoji in iOS 11.3 includes a lion, dragon, bear, and skull.

Messages in iCloud, a underline initial announced during WWDC in 2017, was private from a final recover of iOS 11.3. The underline had been benefaction via a whole beta module for iOS 11.3.


(Screenshot: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

Additionally, starting in May in name EU countries — and after worldwide — Apple will recover 4 new remoteness tools.

From a user’s Apple ID page, a following actions will be available:

  • Get a duplicate of your data
  • Request a improvement to your data
  • Deactivate your account
  • Delete your comment completely

You can refurbish your iOS device over a air. Just go to Settings General Software Update.






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