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Apple kills off the last original iPods

APPLE IS killing off the last two standalone music players in its iPod range.

The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been stagnant in the Apple gene pool for some time and their demise has been fully expected as the world moves towards a streaming model, and Apple’s money is primarily made from its Apple Music service.

The Apple Store has already removed the erroneous models, with physical stockists expected to take them off-sale shortly – Apple doesn’t do clearance sales, any leftovers will be recalled and recycled.

The only remaining iPod will be the iPod Touch, which is essentially a stripped out iPhone anyway, with a WiFi connection and access to the App Store (and of course music streaming).

It’s the end of an era in many ways, as it represents the last iPods without a touch screen – the ones that are descended from the original iPod, rather than spawned from the iPhones.

The original iPod, which had 5GB of memory and felt like carrying a brick around eventually morphed into one with 160GB of storage, something almost impossible to find today because most people stream from the internet.

The Nano was a more diminutive version of the iPod, with smaller capacity in a smaller case, but full functionality, while the Shuffle controversially did away with a screen in favour of a tiny case and a random playlist, ideal for workouts thanks to its built-in clip.

The original iPod (aka the “Classic” was killed off in 2014, thanks to a parts famine – coupled with the desire to get everyone moved on to streaming, probably) and now three years on, its time to say goodbye to the last vestages of the music player (we can’t say ‘mp3 player’ because natively, the iPod range uses .aac files and we’ll get rocks thrown at us) that really did change everything.

Still, not bad for something described in 2005 as “a fad”

If you’re determined not to have an iPhone, and who isn’t, you can get an iPod Touch for £199 (now souped up to 32GB) or £299 (128GB). Or you can spend £30 on a 128GB microSD card and get a proper phone. µ



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