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Apple kills off a final strange iPods

APPLE IS murdering off a final dual standalone song players in a iPod range.

The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been low in a Apple gene pool for some time and their passing has been entirely approaching as a universe moves towards a streaming model, and Apple’s income is radically done from a Apple Music service.

The Apple Store has already private a erring models, with earthy stockists approaching to take them off-sale shortly – Apple doesn’t do clearway sales, any leftovers will be removed and recycled.

The usually remaining iPod will be a iPod Touch, that is radically a nude out iPhone anyway, with a WiFi tie and entrance to a App Store (and of march song streaming).

It’s a finish of an epoch in many ways, as it represents a final iPods though a hold shade – a ones that are descended from a strange iPod, rather than spawned from a iPhones.

The strange iPod, that had 5GB of memory and felt like carrying a section around eventually morphed into one with 160GB of storage, something roughly unfit to find currently since many people tide from a internet.

The Nano was a some-more petite chronicle of a iPod, with smaller ability in a smaller case, though full functionality, while a Shuffle controversially did divided with a shade in foster of a little box and a pointless playlist, ideal for workouts interjection to a built-in clip.

The strange iPod (aka a “Classic” was killed off in 2014, thanks to a collection famine – joined with a enterprise to get everybody changed on to streaming, probably) and now 3 years on, a time to contend goodbye to a final vestages of a song actor (we can’t contend ‘mp3 player’ since natively, a iPod operation uses .aac files and we’ll get rocks thrown during us) that unequivocally did change everything.

Still, not bad for something described in 2005 as “a fad”

If you’re dynamic not to have an iPhone, and who isn’t, we can get an iPod Touch for £199 (now souped adult to 32GB) or £299 (128GB). Or we can spend £30 on a 128GB microSD label and get a correct phone. µ



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