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Apple: iOS 11 is now using on some-more than half of all iPhones and iPads

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Apple says iOS 11, that it expelled on Sep 19, is now on 52 percent of iOS devices.

The organisation suggested a central total for iOS 11 adoption on a developer page, display a image on Nov 6 of a separate between iOS 11, iOS 10, and comparison versions. iOS 10 still runs on 38 percent of iOS devices, while 10 percent are an on comparison version.

However, MacRumors notes that iOS 11 adoption has been slower than iOS 10’s uptake final year. Nevertheless, total from third-party analytics vendors have reported a solid expansion in uptake. Mixpanel says iOS 11 adoption has reached 66 percent.

iOS 10 was expelled a week progressing in Sep than iOS 11 and by Oct 31 final year it was already using on 72 percent of iOS devices, according to Mix Panel data. iOS 9 adoption strike 61 percent by mid-October.

It’s not transparent because some-more users aren’t updating to iOS 11. It might be that a iPhone X overshadowed a attainment of a new chronicle of a handling system.

Also, a refurbish did deliver some-more changes for a iPad than for a iPhone, so maybe there isn’t a same coercion for iPhone users than in a past. Plus, a iPhone 8 hasn’t been drifting off shelves like prior models that are expelled along with a new chronicle of iOS.

Still, iOS adoption always looks considerable compared with Android. Oreo was commissioned on 0.2 percent of a world’s dual billion Android inclination as of a week finale Oct 2. These numbers should arise in Google’s subsequent refurbish Android placement chart, and as Samsung moves ahead with a Oreo beta for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices.

Apple is scheming to recover a second vital refurbish to iOS 11, with iOS 11.2 attack a second beta yesterday. The refurbish will introduce Apple Pay Cash, permitting users to store income on a digital Apple Pay Cash card.

It apparently also will repair an autocorrect bug that turns an ‘I’ into an ‘A’ adjacent to a boxed doubt mark.

Despite reports of several fortitude issues with iOS 11.1, one reason to ascent to a latest chronicle of iOS 11 is that enclosed a repair the widespread KRACK WPA2 Wi-Fi confidence custom bug.


iOS 11 is now on 52 percent of all iOS devices.

Image: Apple

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