Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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Apple embraces a multi-cloud future, and that’s exciting

We can all see how Apple has just created a brilliant bridge to the future with ARKit in iOS 11, but many may have missed another WWDC 2017 announcement that seems to show how bang-on-trend the company has got when it comes to enterprise IT—this time its readiness to support the multi-cloud environments that will be part of the future business ecosystem.

Clouds are everywhere

Oracle’s Larry Ellison in 2009 famously slated cloud computing as not being anything particularly new. These days, everyone uses cloud services. These range from the obvious ones, such as iCloud and Dropbox, to the less obvious ones, such as the data sharing that drives some of the services we use on our mobile devices.

When it comes to the enterprise, the general consensus is that systems should figure out how to embrace a multi-cloud future.

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