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Apple could combine opposition streaming services on the TV app, gossip suggests

Jumping between opposite apps to watch shows like Westworld, Blackish and The Big Bang Theory could be a thing of a past if Apple decides to take a page from Amazon’s book and move third-party calm into a first-party TV app. 

Details of a devise are scarce, though according to sources tighten to a matter, Apple could be formulation on doing only that. 

Should Apple follow by with a plan, calm from third-party apps like HBO Now, NBA League Pass, Starz and some-more would be brought into Apple’s TV app where we could watch all though withdrawal a proportions of a app – i.e. no some-more switching to HBO when we wish to watch Game of Thrones and no some-more relocating over to NBA League Pass when a diversion comes on. 

It’s a plan that’s been comparatively successful for Amazon: a Channel height allows users to allow to third-party sources of calm (e.g. Starz and HBO) during a cost of a unchanging subscription and afterwards display that calm within a proportions of Amazon Video.

By gripping a calm all in a same place is ideal, as it apparently means users spend some-more time focused on your app and reduction time looking during a competition.

One TV app to sequence them all

The approach it stands now, Apple’s TV app shows calm from other streaming services – but, in sequence to watch that content, you’ll have to leave a TV app.

Sources told Bloomberg that after a change goes in effect, Apple would collect remuneration on interest of those other services before eventually relocating a streaming to a possess app.

So how shortly can we design to see a one Apple TV app? According to Bloomberg’s sources, it’s probable that it will occur within a subsequent year.  

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