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Apple admits iPhone X back camera issues can means Face ID borkage

APPLE HAS ADMITTED that problems with a iPhone X’s back camera could be causing Face ID to go titsup. 

In a new support request sent to sell stores and Authorized Service Providers over a weekend, Apple is advising employees to run an Apple Services Toolkit 2 (AST2) diagnostics exam on iPhone X handsets to see if the device’s Face ID issues could be resolved with a back camera repair.

“In sequence to yield a best patron experience, if a patron reports that their iPhone X is carrying Face ID issues, we competence be means to solve a emanate with a back camera repair,” a request reads.

If that doesn’t spin out to be a case, a worker should simply perform a whole section replacement, 9to5Mac, that performed a support document, reports. 

While replacing a iPhone X’s back camera to correct Face ID competence seem nonsensical, users of Apple’s pricey flagship have taken to Reddit to news that when their categorical camera goes to Borksville, so does Apple’s face unlocking tech.

“Pano, slow-mo, and time-lapse work for a back camera though all else does not. The front-facing camera works perfectly. But when we try to setup Face ID it says, ‘Face ID is not accessible try again later’,” Reddit user ‘Razerx1’ moaned. 

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This discontented iPhone user went on to contend that they’re device was eventually transposed with spanking-new iPhone X, with a Genius Bar worker explaining that a True Depth camera and telephoto camera lens are connected:

“I was articulate to a Genius Bar man and he pronounced that a cameras are connected. The lenses differ on what they do. The far-reaching angle did a ones that worked and is connected to a front-facing camera. The telephoto is connected to a loyal abyss and was not working.”

News of Apple’s updated correct guidelines, that a organisation has nonetheless to rigourously criticism on, comes only days after a BBC Watchdog review found that the association is attempting to distinction from the iPhone battery deputy initiative by forcing business to compensate for nonessential repairs. µ



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