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Aorus X9

Introduction, Design Features

Gigabyte creates some of a many understated gaming laptops (or during slightest gaming-ready laptops) that we can buy, such as a winning-cute or thoughtfully conservative Gigabyte Aero 14 (depending on that tone we opt for). But a company’s Aorus gaming code customarily veers tough in a conflicting instruction in terms of aesthetics.

The Aorus X9 that we’re looking during here is a primary example. The Aorus brand’s new flagship machine, it comes superfluous with programmable RGB LEDs and swooping lines and vents desirous by—according to a company’s press materials—supercars, warrior jets, and birds of prey.

Aorus X9 (Front Left Angle)

While a perfect engorgement of lights won’t interest to each gamer, a Aorus X9’s mixed of twin GeForce GTX 1070s in SLI, a span of rapid PCI Express solid-state drives, and an overclockable Core i7 processor make for an intensely absolute laptop. And while it’s really a vast appurtenance (thanks, in vast part, to a 17.3-inch 4K IPS display) during 8.14 pounds and 0.9-to-1.2 inches thick, it’s not quite a desk-bound savage we competence be expecting.

Of course, with that collection of specs, you’d be scold in presumption a Aorus X9 is pricey. Our examination pattern will sell for $3,799 during when it goes on sale after this month. (The usually other chronicle that will be sole in a U.S., according to Gigabyte, will be usually $150 less.) And with a vast shade and dual graphics cards underneath a hood, don’t pattern many in a approach of battery life. But for those looking for opening above what we can get from a singular GTX 1080 graphics label (under certain circumstances), in a package that’s during slightest flattering portable, a Aorus X9 is tough to beat.

Just know forward of time that dual-graphics SLI setups container their possess set of complications (which we’ll excavate into below), and a battery life in a contrariety was really short—even compared to other high-end gaming portables. This is a appurtenance that will need a energy adapter always during a side.


There’s so many going on with a pattern of a Aorus X9 that we’re not certain where to start.

The matte-aluminum physique is ornate in arcing lines and bustling protrusions that a association says were desirous by high-end cars and higher-end warrior jets. Perhaps many distinctively, a bottom of a laptop has vents that a association says are ostensible to elicit an eagle. (To us, we see a phoenix.)

Aorus X9 (Bottom)

We utterly like a latter pattern touch, yet as it’s under a laptop, we won’t expected see it much. Overall, while there’s zero utterly to oppose with about a X9’s design, it could substantially be dialed behind some-more than a little. And we haven’t even gotten to a lights yet.

Aorus X9 (Front Straight)

The Aorus X9 has dual light strips on a side and dual adult front. All 4 strips reside on a dilemma edges of a laptop, looking like zero so many as automobile blinkers. The Aorus eagle trademark on a laptop’s lid is also backlit. And in gripping with a automobile theme, there’s a singular LED bar above a keyboard that, if illuminated red, reminded us of a front light support during a front of a Trans-Am in a original Knight Rider TV series.

Aorus X9 (Light Bar)

Of course, a lights on a laptop don’t have to be red. Like a rest of a system’s LEDs, we can tweak them to your choice of color, usually as we can do with a keyboard’s particular keys (more on that later), regulating a commissioned RGB Fusion software.

The module isn’t a many slickly designed, yet it worked good in a testing, and it allows we to not usually change colors, yet also select from several lighting effects. There’s even a “Music” mode that will kick a lights on a LED bar and a framework to a kick of your tunes. You can also set a LED bar above a keyboard to arrangement your battery level, or CPU/GPU heat or load.

Now sure: Like on many laptops with this kind of thing, a lights here are essentially an eye-grabbing gimmick. But during slightest Gigabyte went out of a approach to make a light bar functional. And of course, we can always spin a lights off, that tones down a altogether demeanour of a laptop utterly a bit.

Features Display

There’s usually one shade choice on a Aorus X9. It’s a 3,840×2,160-resolution (4K) IPS row that lacks touch, does not underline G-Sync, and sports a customary 60Hz modernise rate.

Doubtless, some gamers will skip Nvidia’s frame-smoothing G-Sync feature, yet a laptop is generally absolute adequate to keep support rates well-spoken during 4K, yet as we’ll see later, we competence have to dial behind a environment or dual to stay during or above 60 frames per second (fps).

Aorus X9 (Front Straight)

Overall, we’d contend a shade is some-more pretty good than great; we beheld no off-axis viewing-angle issues, and Gigabyte says a row supports 100 percent of a Adobe RGB gamut. But a limit liughtness looks about normal for a gaming PC, and for transparent images with low contrast, it’s tough to kick a OLED-screen choice in a smaller Alienware 13Aorus X7 v6.

Aorus X9 (Keyboard)

The keyboard is another stand-out feature, for a integrate of reasons. First, while a keys demeanour like what we competence find on many a big-screen laptop, they underline automatic switches below. Now, to be clear, these are laptop automatic keys, not a full-size, somewhat concave keys that you’ll find on a automatic desktop keyboard or a massive, 12-pound-plus MSI GT83VR Titan SLI (2017). The keys here are sincerely flat, yet they do have a startling volume of up/down transport (2.5mm, according to Gigabyte). And they’re designed to feel identical to Cherry’s MX Brown switches, that are generally regarded as a best concede choice for those who prioritize both gaming and typing.

As remarkable earlier, a keys also underline per-key RGB backlighting, so we can select a colors of particular keys to conform to actions in your favorite games, or capacitate eye-catching lighting effects. And we can save mixed profiles for opposite games or programs around a add-on in a RGB Fusion control software. The module also lets we module keys to launch programs or trigger macros, yet there are no dedicated macro keys here. That’s one area where, for a torpedo gaming rig, Aorus could have done some spirit points with this layout.

All that said, a actual feel of a switches and a transport wasn’t as appreciative to a fingers as tangible Cherry MX switches in a desktop keyboard. There’s a vale feeling as a keys bottom out here. And given there’s so many transport to a keys, those used to a shallower laptop keyboard competence find it frustrating, during first, that pivotal strokes struck off core don’t always activate a switch, ensuing in a occasional missed stroke. Overall, we like a X9’s keyboard improved for gaming than typing (which is fine, given this is a gaming laptop). But we have a feeling some gamers will like a feel of these keys some-more than others.

Connectivity Ports

As distant as ports go, a Aorus X9 has about what we should pattern from a vast laptop these days. The left corner houses an Ethernet jack, a USB 3.0 Type-A port, an SD-card reader, and apart headphone and mic jacks…

Aorus X9 (Left Ports)

On a right, you’ll find a incomparable collection of connectivity…

Aorus X9 (Right Ports)

Here live dual USB 3.0 Type A ports, dual Thunderbolt 3 ports (which do double avocation as USB Type-C ports), a mini-DisplayPort, and an HDMI jack.

Internet connectivity is rubbed by a Killer Networks hardware duo, in a form of a Wireless-AC 1535 chip on a wireless side, supplemented by a Killer Ethernet controller. 

Components Configuration Options

Technically, there are dual pattern options of a Aorus X9. But don’t pattern many in a approach of opposite between them.

The indication we tested (X9-KL4K5M) is a disdainful during $3,799. It’s built around a Core i7-7820HK processor and a span of GeForce GTX 1070 graphics cards, along with 32GB of RAM and dual 512GB PCI Express-bus/NVMe solid-state drives. Interestingly, a dual drives here aren’t in any kind of RAID setup, yet commissioned as dual dissimilar volumes. This is improved for reliability, and a drives are copiousness rapid on their own. The foot expostulate in a examination section delivered sequential-read speeds (measured regulating Crystal DiskMark) of 1,908MB per second, while a write speeds were roughly as fast, during 1,588MB per second.

Aorus X9 (Right Angle Front)

The X9-KL4K4M choice you’ll find during other online sellers is labelled a small less, during $3,649, with mostly a same hardware as a one we tested. The categorical difference: It sports usually one 512GB SSD, interconnected with a 1TB tough expostulate commissioned for additional (though many slower) storage space.

Which choice is best for we depends mostly on how many space we need for your diversion library (and other apps and files, of course). We like a chronicle with dual SSDs, though, generally given it’s easy adequate to supplement a tough expostulate yourself after on. (There is an dull 2.5-inch bay.) You will need a star-head screwdriver set to mislay a bottom of a laptop to do so.

Thermals Fan Noise

Two things are flattering many a given with any laptop this skinny and powerful, generally one make-up dual graphics chips: fan sound is going to be pronounced, and a framework is going to get warm.

It’s loyal of a slim Razer Blade Pro, and it’s loyal with a Aorus X9 as well. The Aorus X9 indeed has 4 fans that opening from a behind partial of a sides to keep a formidable internals cool. They tend to spin adult to varying degrees when you’re doing usually about anything. In fact, in a contrariety a fans mostly approached shrill levels even when we were usually installing benchmarks and games. When gaming, really pattern a fans to be loud, and maybe keep your headset accessible to silence a sound. On a and side, a fans don’t have a conspicuous high-pitched buzz that changes with a fan speed, that is some-more common with smaller laptops.

Also, while a time with a laptop was limited, gripping us from doing any in-depth heat testing, we did notice that a whole tip of a laptop’s keyboard rug area got noticeably comfortable after an hour or so of gaming. Not uncomfortably hot, yet comfortable to a indicate where we competence wish to cruise removing a laptop cooler for those prolonged diversion sessions—or usually regulating a desktop keyboard. Again, this is a consequence of squeezing a duds of absolute components into a skinny chassis. Competing slim and absolute machines humour from a same issues to a identical degree.

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