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AOL Instant Messenger to close down in Dec after 20 years

For many years, AOL Instant Messenger was one of a final genuine reminders of how unconditional AOL’s participation was in a 1990s. As recently as final year, it wasn’t odd for me to find editors regulating it as a means of real-time communication with freelancers when Slack wasn’t an option.

 Today, though, a group during Oath announced on Tumblr that AIM will be shutting down on Dec 15 after an considerable 20-year run. Oath is a new association Verizon combined to combine elements of AOL and Yahoo following a merger of both. 

“AIM tapped into new digital technologies and lighted a informative shift, yet a approach in that we promulgate with any other has profoundly changed,” a proclamation reads. 

It shouldn’t be most of a surprise. The signs were already there, as AOL starting denying entrance from some third-party discuss clients approach behind in February. At a time, an AOL worker who spoke with Ars Technica claimed use had slipped into a “single number millions.”

“In a years since, a thin network of aged backend formula was expected never rewritten and as people late from a association or were forced out they had to let functionality go,” he continued.

Long before that, in 2012 The New York Times reported that AOL axed some-more than 40 jobs during a West Coast offices, with a AIM group being a hardest hit. This radically finished any poignant new growth or updates over small survival.

AIM, though, for years remained a rather comforting sign of a approach things used to be. The Tumblr proclamation plays on that nostalgia, observant that ’90s kids “might also remember how characters via cocktail enlightenment from You’ve Got Mail to Sex and a City used AIM to assistance navigate their relationships.”

End of an era. 

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