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Angry Birds and Sonic will shortly be playable in Facebook Messenger

UPDATE: In Sydney, Australia and wish to get your hands on a Messenger Instant Games library in a cool, retro arcade setting? Facebook is holding an eventuality that’s open to a open for one day (and night) only! Details below.

Angry Birds and Sonic The Hedgehog are about to join Tetris in a Messenger Instant Games library that we can play within a discuss app with your Facebook friends. The new games won’t be rising until 2018 though.

Angry Birds lands as a new chronicle of a diversion that looks identical to a strange mobile sensation, yet that Messenger has reliable will come with a “new approach to plea friends”. 

That sounds like it’ll be a measure formed rival component rather than live multiplayer. An accurate recover date for Angry Birds on Messenger is misleading yet we know it’ll be during some indicate in early 2018.

More titles to come

There’s also a array of new titles such as Sonic Jump and Disney Tsum Tsum. Sonic Jump takes elements and characters of prior titles in a superfast platforming array yet repurposes them for a whole new journey and is set to launch on Messenger in a entrance weeks.

That Disney Tsum Tsum diversion looks to be a nonplus pretension that will concede “players to collect, calm and cocktail Tsum Tsum.” Tsum Tsum, for a uninitiated, are lovable corpulent soft-toy logs styled like your favorite Disney characters.

Sonic Jump is on a left with a new Disney Tsum Tsum pretension graphic on a right.

Messenger is also bringing new facilities to Instant Games including a ability to live tide your play around Facebook Live and share it with all of your friends on your account.

Then there’s also a video discuss that allows we to play during a same time as saying your friends and family too.

Messenger’s got a pop-up arcade in Sydney, Australia 

To applaud a 1-year anniversary of Messenger Instant Games, Facebook has non-stop a pop-up arcade in Sydney, Australia that gives we a possibility to knowledge a games in a neon 80s-inspired arcade setting.

If that sounds cold to you, conduct over to The Retro Hotel on Friday, Dec 8 (that’s today!) between 11am-3pm or 9pm-3am (AEST) to get some hands on time with new and arriving Messenger Instant Games like Pac Man, Putt-Putt, Space Invaders and Sonic a Hedgehog. 

Entry to a arcade is giveaway of charge, yet you’ll have to be over 18 to get in. Sounds like a good Friday night to us!

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