Friday , 21 September 2018
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Android P is a perfect example of why OS updates still matter

On the surface, Google’s Android P release — in its current, unfinished form — isn’t exactly what you’d call “exciting.”

Yes, the first developer preview of Android P has plenty of fresh functional touches (including a new native system for editing screenshots on the fly — who woulda thunk?!). And yes, it has its fair share of visual refinements, too.

But the bulk of Android P’s biggest features so far have revolved around under-the-hood improvements — things like support for a newer Wi-Fi protocol that’ll improve indoor location pinpointing, a more advanced system of image processing and compression for developers to utilize, and a more intelligent system for data management that’ll let apps prefetch data only when network conditions are optimal.

Android P also gives apps expanded access to Google’s neural networks system for advanced types of machine learning, creates a more effective system for the universal autofill process introduced in Oreo, and provides substantial improvements to the underlying systems that allow apps to operate. Apps on Android P should use less memory, be more power efficient, and be faster-loading than what we see now.

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