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Android OEMs are allegedly fibbing about missed confidence patches

ANDROID PHONE MAKERS are allegedly revelation fibs to their users about missed program updates pushed out by Google, according to Wired.

Researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell, from cybersecurity organisation Security Research Labs, are due to exhibit a formula of dual years value of Android code reverse-engineering, during that they will explain that many Android OEMs have a “patch gap”.

This is where a companies have missed rags rolled out by Google, notwithstanding revelation their business that their phone’s chronicle of Android was adult to date

The researchers tested some 1,200 phones from a likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola and TCL for every patch released for Android final year and found that even vital flagship handsets had rags missing.

Such a conditions is flattering bad, as it not usually leaves business exposed to mobile penetrate attacks though is also dubious and lulls people into literally a fake clarity of security.

The researchers are set to recover a apparatus called SnoopSnitch on a Google Play Store that will concede Android users to exam their device’s firmware to spot out any missed rags and check if their handset is unequivocally as secure as they’ve been lead to believe. 

Such problems don’t corrupt all Android phones. Google, Sony and Samsung only missed a occasional patch, according to a researchers, while other such as ZTE and TCL have some-more patch gaps.

“We’ve launched investigations into any instance and any OEM to move their approved inclination into compliance,” Google told Wired in response to a situation.

Google did note that partial of a emanate could be down to phone makers skipping rags that are for facilities they don’t have on their handsets.

Such a conditions is not good but, given a fragmentation in a universe of Android devices, it’s arguably not surprising. But it does give Apple iOS fans some-more self-satisfied ammo to chuck during a Android army, aside from simply rising “it only works”. µ



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