Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Android O has one curiously counterproductive new feature

I’ve been meditative a lot newly about productivity.

In a way, it’s turn a bit of a thesis for me over a past integrate years: reckoning out ways to tame a record around us and make it work for a needs as against to usually removing in a way. From a second we arise adult in a morning, after all, we’re surrounded by miraculous record — though by default, it doesn’t always work in a demeanour that indeed enhances a lives.

That’s because I’m putting together a beam to taming Android and branch your phone into a capability powerhouse — a device that works for we and creates your life easier instead of portion as an combined daze and siphon of your time. (Stay tuned.) Out of a box, many Android inclination aren’t accurately optimized for productivity. And some of a many dire ways to solve that revolve around scaling behind what these inclination do by default and branch down a sound they generate.

Now, as Google puts a finishes touches on a next-gen Android O release and gets prepared to send a program into manufacturers’ hands, we fear we’re going to have another object to supplement onto a list of “unnecessary distractions you’ll wish to address.”

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