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Android 8.1 tells we how delayed or quick Wi-Fi networks are before joining to them

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Google is rolling out a new underline for Android Oreo 8.1 that tells users how quick or delayed a network is before fasten to it, assisting to equivocate spending time fasten a network that competence have a clever vigilance though turns out to be so delayed that regulating mobile information would have been better.

The new speed labels seem subsequent to a Wi-Fi strength pitch and mangle down network speeds into Slow, OK, Fast, and Very Fast.

Slow indicates a network is good adequate to make calls and send texts. OK is suitable for reading a site, amicable media, and song streaming, while Fast signals it’s good for many video. Very Fast means we can tide video in high quality.

Download now: Network confidence policy (free PDF)

A village manager for a Pixel user forums clarified that any tab reflects a speed operation for a network and usually works on open Wi-Fi networks, definition it won’t yield speed labels for networks that need a cue to join.

  • Slow = 0 – 1Mbps
  • OK = 1Mbps – 5Mbps
  • Fast = 5Mbps – 20Mbps
  • Very Fast = 20Mbps+

Users can spin off a underline in Settings if they don’t wish to see Google’s speed labels.

While a labels are usually a ubiquitous indicator of speeds that can be expected, a additional information could come in accessible when picking a network from a list that formerly usually indicated Wi-Fi strength.

The underline was announced in Dec with Android 8.1 though has usually rolled out now after some testing.


Google says a new Android 8.1 Wi-Fi underline is rolling out now.

Image: Google/Twitter

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