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AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper CPUs get giveaway NVMe RAID support

If you’ve splurged on a monstrous Ryzen Threadripper processor, we can now put a ridiculous 64 PCIe lanes to use supercharging your already-supercharged storage—or creation certain your information won’t disappear with a hardware failure. Monday morning, AMD expelled beta drivers that clear RAID support for NVMe drives on a Threadripper platform, as debate continues to whirl around Intel’s opposition VROC doing for Core i9 chips. 

NVMe solid-state drives like a ludicrously quick Samsung 960 Pro are a fastest storage we can buy, and RAID technology lets we mix a powers of several sold drives. The new Threadripper drivers support RAID 0, 1, and 10. (You can foot your PC from a RAID array, too!)

RAID 0 pools several drives into one bigger, faster storage unit, yet losing even one expostulate can jeopardise your data. RAID 1 skips a speed and ability improvements to instead counterpart your information opposite mixed drives, ensuring your information stays protected if an NVMe SSD fails. RAID 10 is a mix of a two, yet it final a lot of accessible drives—either 4 or six, that is a limit series of NVMe SSDs Threadripper supports yet additional adapters. AMD tested a Threadripper complement with mixed Samsung 960 Pro NVMe drives in RAID 0 to see how it scales. Here’s a demeanour during a company’s results.

threadripper raid AMD

AMD’s formula regulating a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD in RAID 0 in several configurations.

The story behind a story: AMD takes several digs at Intel’s argumentative VROC—or Virtual RAID on CPU—feature for Core i9 chips in a blog post announcing a feature. VROC will cost additional money, and work only with sold Intel SSDs and Core i9 CPUs. Core i9’s X299 motherboards still support several RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 by a chipset, yet a chipset RAID won’t hold a opening we get from VROC.

“Just enjoy!” AMD’s Hallock writes. “No hardware activation keys, permit fees, or capricious SSD restrictions apply. It’s that simple.” Shots discreetly fired.

Key Threadripper NVMe RAID details

Take note of several pivotal things before we transport down this costly trail to impassioned storage speeds:

  • Updating to these drivers requires we to update your PC’s BIOS. Back adult your aged one before we take a plunge!
  • The setup routine is really identical to how Threadripper handles customary SATA RAID configurations, yet this new complement isn’t concordant with existent RAID setups. “In-place upgrades of a RAID motorist are not upheld during this time,” AMD’s Robert Hallock says. “Please behind adult your information and mangle down your array before to installing an NVMe RAID-ready BIOS or driver. AMD recommends that users start uninformed with a new NVMe RAID array and a new implement of Windows.”
  • These NVMe RAID drivers now work usually on Windows 10 x64 (build 1703) during this time. Sorry, Windows 7 fans.
  • Hot-swapping drives is upheld in RAID 1 and RAID 10.
threadripper raid raidxpert2 AMD

AMD’s RAIDXpert2 software.

You can configure your NVMe RAID divided regulating one of dual tools: a BIOS in your X399 motherboard, or AMD’s RAIDXpert2 government software. “We design all AMD X399 motherboards to be updated imminently, yet a accurate date(s) of accessibility will count on a motherboard vendor’s QA schedule,” Hallock says.

RAIDXpert2 is accessible now on AMD’s NVMe RAID support motorist page. Be certain to review AMD’s blog post announcing a underline for a useful list of FAQs.

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