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AMD A10-7860K

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Introduction Features

Intel has prolonged hold a clever advantage over a chip opposition AMD when it comes to comprehensive consumer processors. AMD’s top-end FX chips, particularly the AMD FX-9590 and AMD FX-8370, are improved matched to holding on their Intel Core i5 counterparts, yet not any new chip with an “i7” a name.

AMD A10-7860K (A10 Chip)

Down toward a other finish of a spectrum, though, where value matters some-more than comprehensive performance, things are a lot some-more earnest for AMD—especially if gaming is important. Due mostly to a fact that complicated consoles have mixed addressable cores, we’re saying a flourishing series of AAA diversion titles that prefer, or in some cases even require, four cores (or 4 addressable threads) to run.

The lowest-price current-generation Intel chip that meets this four-thread requirement is a $125 Core i3-6100Athlon X4-880KAMD Wraith Cooler we reviewed a few weeks back.)

But a Athlon chip requires a use of a dedicated graphics card. Unlike a Core i3, it lacks on-chip graphics, that many users will cite for a consequence of simplicity, yet so isn’t ideal for building or upgrading a slim, compress system. For those forms of users, AMD has a whole line of chips (the association calls them “APUs,” for a total CPU/GPU), as well, including a new-in-2016, $115 AMD A10-7860K that we’re looking during here, and a flagship A10-7890K. (The latter is roughly $180; we’re in a routine of reviewing that one.)

While a A10-7890K delivers improved CPU and graphics opening if you’re after a best of what’s accessible from an APU, a obtuse A10-7860K sticks surprisingly tighten to it, given a $65 cost difference, and a fact that a A10-7860K is rated to sip almost reduction energy than a 95-watt A10-7890K. For many users, we consider a A10-7860K is a improved value of a two, by no tiny measure. By that we mean: $65 value of “measure.”


The A10-7860K comes clocked out of a box during an even 3.6GHz, with a ability to burst as high as 4GHz underneath ideal thermal conditions. It’s another chip in a company’s modernise of a “Kaveri” line, that AMD calls “Godavari.” But there’s zero new here in a approach of design or other hardware facilities contra progressing chips in a line.

Rather than clap off a full list of a chip’s specs, here’s a summary, approach from AMD.

AMD A10-7860K Specs

And here’s how a A10-7860K’s specs smoke-stack adult opposite several of a company’s new APUs, including a flagship A10-7890K. As we can see, a A10-7860K sits absolutely in a middle.

AMD A10-7860K (Specs chart)

While a design and FM2+ hollow here aren’t new, a A10-7860K is an engaging chip, in that it has specifications that are really identical to those of a prior A10-7850K, yet with a somewhat slower bottom time speed on a CPU, while a magnitude of a 8 graphics cores gets amped adult a bit, to 757MHz. Twiddling a knobs on CPU and GPU speeds wouldn’t be all that sparkling on a own, yet AMD has managed to do so here while dropping a A10-7860K down to 65 watts, rather than a 95-watt rating of many of a other chips in a A Series.

That puts this chip utterly tighten to a Intel Core i3-6100 in terms of efficiency. (The Intel chip is a 61-watt part.) AMD is careful, though, to indicate out that a new chip is in a 65-watt “TDP Class,” so it’s substantially protected to contend there is some thermal shake room in there. If we overclock a chip, especially, it’s wholly probable that a A10-7860K will devour some-more than 65 watts underneath load. But then, a Intel chip isn’t unbarred for overclocking, so during slightest with AMD, we have that option.

AMD has a overclocking angle covered, as well. The association is fighting a A10-7860K with a newly designed batch cooler that’s rated to hoop 95 watts of feverishness dissipation, so there’s lots of cooling overhead. We used this new cooler to exam a A10 chip and didn’t have any complaints. It’s not as vast as, nor utterly as still as, a AMD Wraith Cooler that’s now bundled with a FX-8370. But a red fan adds some visible aptitude (though it did strife with a bullion feverishness sinks on the Asus exam motherboard), while remaining pretty still during batch settings.

AMD A10-7860K (Cooler)

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