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Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is $90 for Prime members right now

Fall has only begun, definition wintry weekends and evenings will be on us—a.k.a. a ideal time for curling adult with a good ebook. If you’re a Prime Member, we can now squeeze a ad-supported Wi-Fi-only Kindle Paperwhite for $90. This device is customarily $120 and is a same cost Amazon offering during Prime Day in July.

There’s no specific expiry date on this deal, with Amazon observant it will final as prolonged as a reserve do. In other words, once Amazon hits a sales share that’ll be a finish of a sale.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes in black or white and has a built-in front light, a 300ppi e-reader display, and a explain of a month-long battery. The thing to keep in mind with this Kindle is that it includes “Special Offers”—that is, advertisements. If we can’t mount ads, we can after compensate a $20 price to mislay them, or we can buy a ad-free chronicle right now for $110 (if you’re a Prime member).

Prime members can also take advantage of members-only sales on a customary Kindle with Special Offers for $50, and a Kindle Oasis with giveaway 3G and Wi-Fi for $310.

If you’ve had your eye on this e-reader for a while and aren’t a Prime member, there’s a approach around a problem: Sign adult for a giveaway trial, get your sale-price Kindle, and afterwards stop your Prime membership.

If you’ve already attempted that trick in years past, afterwards you’ll unfortunately have to bombard out for a membership—or reason out for a holiday deteriorate and see if there’ll be a sale for non-Prime types.

Today’s deal: Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers for $90 on Amazon. ]
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