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Amazon’s cheapest Kindle is removing combined Audible support

Good news if you’ve got one of the simple Kindle ereaders, a cheapest $80 or £60 indication – formed on an updated inventory for a product on Amazon’s site, support for Audible audiobooks is going to be combined in a “coming months” (though during a impulse this usually shows adult on a US site).

That will put a device on a standard with a code new Kindle Oasis, enabling we to listen to audiobooks true from a ereaders themselves, and even switch between a content and audio versions of titles if we possess both.

As with a Oasis, you’ll need Bluetooth speakers or headphones to listen in, since a Kindles don’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack or built-in speakers. As prolonged as you’ve got some kind of wireless listening pack adult and running, you’ll be good to go.

Wait for it

Apparently a upgraded capabilities will be nearing as an over-the-air refurbish in a nearby future, though so distant there’s no word on either a center Kindle models – a Paperwhite and a Voyage – are going to get a same treatment.

At a time of a Oasis announcement, Amazon did spirit during some arrange of ascent for a comparison models, though now it’s in black and white on a Amazon site. Those of we with prolonged memories competence remember that a really initial Kindle behind in 2007 had support for Audible audiobooks, before a underline (and integrated audio support) got ditched.

While “coming months” is a small deceptive from Amazon, it’s good to know a underline is on a proceed – and it competence make a disproportion to your selling skeleton as we proceed Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Via The Verge

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