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Amazon will give Twitch Prime members free indie games every month

GAME PLAYING STREAMING SERVICE Twitch will hand out a handful of games via Prime each month, likely in a bid to encourage more gamers to get into Twitch streaming.

Members of Amazon’s Twitch Prime membership, which offers access to both Twitch and Amazon Prime, have previously seen free games thrown at them sporadically.

But now the Free Games with Prime programme will see Twitch replace the indie game-showcasing Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier scheme with a programme more akin to the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold subscription services.

Starting 15 March, members of Twitch Prime will get free access to a batch PC indie games, notably movement-centric Superhot and Stranger Things-style adventure game Oxenfree.

Three other titles will join them, showcasing attention-grabbing independently developed games, such as the Dungeons Dragons-inspired Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation, 2.5D beat’em up Mr. Shifty and stealth-based strategy game Shadow Tactics.

The five free games will be available to download until the end of March, then a new collection will pop up for April.

Members who claim the free games have them for keeps, which differs from the free month-long access PlayStation Plus offers to its members.

Amazon bought Twitch back in August 2014 for a cool $1bn, so it’s no surprise to see more cross-over promotions between the two online services.

And with Free Games with Prime, the two services are likely looking at getting more members hooked into their respective ecosystems, with Amazon providing the game downloads and Twitch providing the streaming platform for people keen to show off their gaming escapades in the latest attention-grabbing indie title.

There’s no word on whether triple-A games will make their way into Free Games with Prime.

But we suspect Amazon and Twitch may find it more of a challenge to get big game publishers and developers on board, as they already have the exposure that many indie studios want, so the benefits of being seen on Twitch are not as prominent. µ



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