Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Amazon wants to deliver groceries to your car trunk — not a good idea

In the minds of mobile shoppers, where is the line between convenience and personal space/privacy? We now have two retailers — Walmart and Amazon, the giants of in-store and online shopping, respectively — separately testing programs to deliver purchases directly into your home or your car trunk when the shopper is nowhere near. 

Both efforts rely on mobile devices connecting shoppers to the scene of the delivery, where customers can theoretically watch the delivery in real time. It isn’t practical or likely, but that’s the idea. Mobile is what justifies these attempts.

Walmart’s efforts, focused entirely on shoppers letting the retailer unlock a home’s front door and put away the groceries in the shopper’s kitchen and refrigerator/freezer, is an idea that begs for a privacy/security disaster to happen. A prudent executive looks at any cutting-edge plan and asks, “What could go wrong with this and how bad is it for our customers if it does?”

It now seems Amazon is also exploring authorized home break-ins — courtesy of a deal with a different smart lock vendor — but Amazon’s effort goes Walmart one better. Actually, a more accurate sentence is that Amazon’s effort goes Walmart one worse. Amazon wants to also get access to a shopper’s car trunk and deliver expensive products there.

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